Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seriously, a month has gone by since I've posted something... just call me the summer slacker. I need to go back to work just to have time to read your blogs and update mine. William and I have had a fun filled all though a little awkward summer. William learned how to climb out of the crib- sigh- I saw him one day and asked him who taught him and he started naming people from his school"CarCar Walkee, Claire Bear" Finally when he said "Meg-ann"(who was his teacher last year) I knew he was just teasing me...as William says "so so silly" One Saturday I put him in his bad and sat in the den and was just thinking I may take a nap myself and all of a sudden his door flew open and I hear "Ta-da. Willy did it. Ta-da!" We went to get a toddler bed the next day. IT has been a struggle and a half to get him to sleep in it. I usually have to sit in there and hold his hand for 30 minutes or so...then I get sleepy and his nap time which should be my sewing time turns into non productive time.... any advice???

We're going to Mobile for his birthday to celebrate with Mary Katerine and her family. Her daughter is having a party that weekend so I thought it'd be fun. I miss party planning- maybe we'll have a party this fall when things feel more settled. Two- how in the world has time gone by this fast?

William loves cars- anything with wheels. he calls Jeeps "Monster trucks" and likes to ride his Clifford toy as a make-shift monster truck. A little video to see him in action- my sweet baby is now all boy!

On another note, I'm trying to get a "real" website up and running for my sewing stuff. Sweet Courtney is helping me. She came over this past weekend to do a little photo shoot for me- I think it's going to be awesome! It's nice to see how the Lord truly will provide for all of your needs :-)