Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So when we came back from Greenville our neighbors had a bounce house set up in the front yard. The kids could see William, but no one asked him to come over- booooo I didn't want to be "that" mom and invite ourselves over, so we went to Costco (his second favorite store behind Target...when they look at our receipt and draw a smiley face for him he looks at me and says "Will-ee" as if that's his picture :-) Anyway... We went to Costco and I saw this huge inflatable ball. i thought it'd be summer fun for us so I picked it up. It took almost an hour- with the pump- to blow it up. We went outside and in two minutes the fun was over and WDP said "all done"...Hmmm- maybe we will grow into it. You get inside and can run like a hamster. Sounds fun to me, not so much to William. I did get 2 cute shots though :-)

We are also going through bubble solution like it grows on trees.... but he's so
cute with it :-)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer is keeping me busy- I feel like I have dropped out of the blog world- sorry! William and I are staying busy at the parks, the zoo, Target, the ice cream name it! His new thing to say is "Yeah!" and he is just so excited saying it.... and of course we've learned "hiding" which is translated into "hi-ing" but basically if you ask where anything is it is "hi-ing" or he takes something and now it's hi-ing.... so cute! He is going to school 2 or 3 days per week and is doing so well- he knows all of his colors and that target is on the way to school. Some days he'll say "no school, Target puh-weese"...ahhh! He is becoming so sweet and caring. Last night he just patted my arm while I was rocking him....oh sweet baby!!! Melt my heart!

If there is one of these animal/ mascot-y things within 10 miles William needs a hug- it's so cute! We went to Greenville at the beginning of June for Touch a Truck- major hit! He also fell in love with my stepmom Betsy..."betsy this and Betsy that" He wanted everything Betsy.... He still asks me about "betsy's turn" meaning he wants to jump into the pool and have her catch him. It had been so long since I'd been around Greenville- we went to tons of parks- Greenville's not afraid to build tall slides! The parks and rec department has stepped up their game in Greenville- if you're there make sure you check out the parks- I had one tired baby every night which to me is a sign of a fun park!

We also stopped by Windy Gap in Weaverville- it was so nice... It felt like home even though it seems like a million years since I've been there... William "loved" the horses- and by love I mean he talked about them after we left... he was just ok with them while we were in the barn!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer- week 1

Being a teacher is an awesome job- yeah, yeah you're teaching the future, but really, ask any teacher- it's all about the summer vacations!!! 2 weeks at Christmas is nice. Spring Break? Love it, but summer, oh sweet, sweet summer!!!! William was out of school too and we went to the zoo with our new pals Katie and Braden (check out her blog for out of this world desserts!) and then we hit park, after park, after park. Nashville really does have an amazing parks system. This park is called Dragon Park around town but William calls it the "new" park. It has lots of little sections to keep them entertained for ages...until the naps start calling. The picture is just of the dragon which has lots of "tunnels" to crawl through... an all time fav for sure!
WDP is at such a fun age! He says the funniest things like if I ask where something is he says it's "hi-ing"...(hiding). He has started watching Imagination Movers on Disney. It's about 20 minutes and at the end he's holds up his index finger and says "one mo' time, pu-weese, just one mo' time" How do you resist??? The pools opens today so we'll try that out this afternoon and hopefully have another cheap thrill for the summer!

And on another note, I made the first edition of the Summer Picks on the Pizzazzerie website- It's an awesome site for cool party and gift ideas- check it out!