Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow day version 2.0

This is our second TN attempt at snow. We were out of school on Friday and they were nice enough to let us know the day before at 4:30 so I stayed up a little late knowing I didn't have to get up quite so early. Well, we have 2-3 in...enough to cover all the grass, but then we got 1/2 in of ice last night to cover all the fluffy-ness and make it hard and crunchy- boo! William has been sick since Monday with his first antibiotic needing earache. Its been pitiful! A fever, he's not hungry, he just wants to sit around..poor Bunny! Today was his first day without a fever and we thought we'd enjoy the snow...we tried. Maybe we'll get one more attempt at snow this winter! On another note, the indoor time has given me lots of time to sew...Click here to see what I've been up to!

We took the convertible out of the storage building to let WDP take a little spin.... The ice was so hard the car could hardly break through it...

We were trying to be creative and find indoor fun- William found Chad's dress up glasses for his 80s band.... I may have a little rocker on my hands....
We went out to Krispy Kreme this morning just to get out of the house. You would think WDP would love a "hot and now"...nope, but the cookie monster coloring book in the kids corner was quite entertaining.... Our sandbox looked so sad to me, just waiting on Spring and summer!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Guys Weekend

Chad and William went away for a "guys weekend." Of course that meant a weekend for me to get caught up on 1) sleep 2) sewing projects and 3) sleep. I think the boys had fun being in Atlanta for the weekend (thank you William and Emily...mainly Emily because she watched and played with WDP all day so Chad could work on their basement), and of course I love the feeling of accomplishment after a big sewing weeknd. I am almost caught up on projects. And major exciting news...I had my first order from someone I don't know!!!! Yeah!!!! So fun! I'll try to get pictures tonight of my projects. I LOVE this picture of William and Maddie (Ma-Ma). He talked about her all afternoon. I'm sure she's not missing WDP...he fed her chapsticks to their dog....poor Maddie. If I knew where to buy Sprite flavored chapstick I would definetly send her some more!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New tees

OK, I made tons of cute tees this weekend...See them here. Here are some Valentine tees...Most are fuzzy minky :-) Willaim is really getting the hang of school. No tears today at drop off :-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Enjoying the "heat"

It has been C.O.L.D. here...I mean we're talking if it's above 25 I think it's warm. William loves to be outside and this has thrown a wrench in our plans. His new school has an awesome indoor playground and a new Chick Fil A is opening next week(yes, Ashlee Lawson is coming- yeah!) close to us with what looks like a rockin' indoor playground, so we'll make it to March, but we were lucky enough to have a "hot" day yesterday at 50 degrees so we ran home to take a spin in the cozy coupe. He was sooo cute. He doesn't get the push with your feet part and his legs are too long to just hang so this is our compromise. School's getting better. I just love when they tell me how sweet he is and that he loves his art class. My little Picasso...or more like my little Jackson Pollock....

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Snow" day fun

We had a "snow" storm. This is it...and we were out for two days of school...yeah for me! Here are a few pictures of William playing ion the "blizzard." He couldn't get enough of it. He kept saying "noh." The snow gave me plenty of time to start a new project...check it out.

My latest "thing"... I have figured out how to use my Babylock embroidery machine to do appliques!!!! Now they look store bought...perfect! Why did it take me sooo long to figure this out? What do you think? I love it. Does a tee shirt have a stain? Applique a cute dachshund or seal pup over it. What? Brilliant I say!

You monogrammed every outfit your son has and now your BFF has a sweet baby who could wear it but she didn't name him William? Place a rocket over it. Nice! Recycling in its cutest form!

A friend's having a baby? How about a cute H with her name under it? ( Don't worry Sunday, there are more cute things for baby Hollings, I just really like this one... the rest will be a surprise)

Every plain tee William had now has something on it...mainly to cover the stain but also because this was soo fun! He's also started school so now everyone there will know his name too :-) Which by the way we are having a HARD time with...he's waking up all night, wailing our names, super clingy, teary eyed at'll be OK WDP, we promise. More on school later....

Here he is having fun on the cool indoor playground. This was before we left him the first day...

I also did some cute tees for Mary Katherine's girls...this is my new favorite thing to do....

I think this will be a fun addition to my baby clothes blog, which I need to get working on asap....