Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One week old...time sure does fly....

He's so smart already. I asked how old he was the other day and he said 5 smart I tell you!
I can't believe William is a week old today. He celebrated by partying all night and sleeping all day- so much for me thinking we were lucky to have a baby that sleeps so much at night! His motto last night was "Sleep is for the Weak." He did have a big day yesterday- a car trip to Nashville- I had to pick up something from the hospital where we delivered. We also went by Pet Smart (Dad and Betsy forgot Princess' dog food) and Harpeth Bicycles (MK- your bike computer is on the way!) Don't worry- William didn't go in any of these places. My dad was with me and we just took turns sitting in the car with him. He was a champ. I was slightly confused at the hospital. I knew I went in on the third floor and expected the shop to be on the third floor, but apparently we rode in an elevator at some point in time- we stayed on the 7th floor- I have NO memory of this at all. Is this what being a mom does to your memory????

William's had lots of fun visitors-

Molly..he LOVED Molly. He was stretching out in her arms- soooo long. It was sweet!

Uncle Shawn and Aunt Vanessa (no real relation, we just call them that:-)

Stacy and Matt

Today William discovered the "pouch" aka Baby Bjorn- he can't get enough of it! If it's a warm spot, he wants to be in the middle of it- so sitting really close to me so that we both sweat is right up his alley. I'd get a picture of him in it, but all you can see are two skinny legs dangling. His theme song could be Joe Tex- "Skinny Legs"- anyone heard it?

Sorry this post is boring, but we're just doing the baby thing..sleep (a little) eat (a lot) and change diapers (even more than eating). But we're loving every minute of it....

Happy One Week Birthday to the sweetest baby we know!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Five days old

I can't believe he's already 5 days old!!!! I'm afraid he's hair is going flat...just in the sad! Chad's at work today and it's just me and Baby. He is such a sweetie! I think his new favorite game is "I will poop as soon as you change my diaper" He does it all the time and I'm positive he smiles as I put close the diaper only to realize I need to change him again. It's kind of comical. He tee-teed on me the first night and Chad last night. Chad's response was "Help, help" I think it shocked him :-)

We've been taking the family walk every night- he loves it. He's also stretching a good bit and is now a little more comfortable in his swing or bouncy seat, but of course his favorite is still to be with one of us :-)
What a horrid shot of me, but he's sweet in the stroller!

Last night Chad was holding him and whenever he would move his arm William would stick his face in the darkest spot possible- his elbow! His whole face was crammed in the bend of Chad's arm- of course I thought it was sweet.

Give me the elbow!!!

He had another visitor- Ashley. We will be working together next year. Aren't they cute together. He had his eyes open almost the whole time she held him- such a big boy! Ashley brought us a yummy dinner, ginger rice and kabobs- I'll have to get the recipe and post it- it was delicious.
OK, his eyes were closed in this pic, but open the rest of the time!

My dad and Betsy are coming tonight until Sunday- we're so excited! Five much has changed already. I need time to slow down!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We survived the first night!!

Chad and I folded at the hospital and sent William to the nursery both nights.I'm trying not to feel guilty, but we needed the rest and I knew we wouldn't be getting much when we came home, so last night was our first "official" night with William...and we made it! We had a great evening- a walk around the neighborhood, a few bottles...(we're pumping- breastfeeding was too painful. The pump is great!) a few diapers, and then our "night" began. After dinner Chad and baby feel asleep for a bit. I tried to sleep a little too in the other room. so cute!

We traded places about 3am after a bottle and William slept until 7:30- what a champ!! I must confess that it was on my chest on the sofa, but we both slept- it was awesome! He startles himself and moves his arms and then if you're rubbing on him he'll go right back to sleep- hence why the crib doesn't work too well just yet. He LOVES to be swaddled, but fights it until one arm is free so he can suck his hand..and startle himself . We've tried today not to keep him swaddled all day and he's done a great job of waking up and going right back to sleep in his little bouncy chair.
He's in the sweet nightie with crabs on it :-)

He tried the swing for a little while- it was just OK. He is such a great baby- he whimpers when he's hungry or needs a change and that seems to be it, or if he wants me to hold him like this....

It's so cute. He's just chilling in my arms now as I'm typing :-)

He had his first home visit, Finn's mom, Becky. She was so sweet to bring Chad and I dinner- what a treat! William just loved her- of course she had the bottle- go figure!

Chad is such a great dad! He's been playing the guitar for William and walking him around the house showing him all kinds of things...that will probably be put up before he can crawl! It's so sweet!

I'm sure every night won't be as easy as last night, but he's breaking us in nicely. Life could not be any better! We are too lucky!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hello World!

Well, my fake nesting and welcoming words must have worked because William is here! He was born July 23, 2008 a hefty 8 lbs 6 3/4 oz and a whopping 22inches long!

We went to the hospital Tuesday night, fully expecting to be told we should go back home, but we were admitted and William was born the next day at 12:52 pm. I loved having an epidural!!!!!!!!!!! The most painful part of the whole process was the nurse who missed my IV three times...and used the wrong gauge needle, and she missed drawing blood. Chad and I have determined that shift change is a bad time to need ANYTHING at the hospital! My second nurse and everyone after that was great! He even waited so that my doctor could be there to deliver him- Dr. Storck- the perfect name for a great OB.

His hair is a riot- everyone at Baptist Hospital where we delivered kept calling him the "rocker baby." Not to brag, but it is pretty cute. It looks like he has had it styled and the tips frosted- a real Music City baby.

Right now all he wants to do is be swaddled and held. He freaks out when you take it off, but wrap him up and he falls asleep or is content just lying there. It's nice, but it's really hard to type one handed. We are going to go for a little stroll today and check out the neighborhood...of course I'll post more pics soon :-)

Our trio is complete.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ok, now we've even put the carseat in the car- we are r-e-a-d-y. Hurry up baby William! He was so patient to wait on my good friend Polly (see pics of Polly below with me in paris as a "chaperone" last year..she needs her own blog because she's a travel guru) to return from Sweeden, now she's home, what is he waiting for??? I asked my nephew Eli (who's 3) when he thought baby William was coming and he said "probably Christmas day"..hmmmm......

I'm not sure if I posted this earlier or not, but our babysitter backed out on us- it was a strange situation. I have been frantically looking for someone and we've finally decided on someone- she's great, sweet, and only keeps one other baby (a 6mo old). I think it's going to be great. She lives about 5 minutes away and it's affordable!!!!- the second most important part! I think we've hit the jackpot!

The sewing room has been cleaned up and packed up- at least for a little while. Look at the link on my blog and you'll find a blog with great projects and great directions- thanks to Callie for sending it to me! (By the way, welcome to the blog world Callie :-) I finished William's last project- the yellow sleep sack-thing (I don't know what to call it- Chad doesn't like the word "gown") I'll wait and post a picture of him wearing it soon :-) And a quick picture of me and all of the belly. (How did it get sooo big???)....I must be crazy for posting this :-)

Maybe the next time I post it will be about a baby...... or me just still waiting for the baby to get here!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Still waiting...

Ok, ok, we know our due date isn't until Friday, but I feel like William should be here already! Mary Katherine even called today and her cousin is in labor- with a baby girl no less three weeks early- how is this fair??? Patience is not my strongsuit.

I decided to "fake nest" today to see if i could trick baby William into coming. Everyone says, "You'll know when they're on their way because you want to clean everything." Well I got out a stool and bucket of soapy water and cleaned the exterior of all the windows, edged the front walkway and sidewalk, pulled the weeds in the flowerbed, swept the kitchen and dining room, washed three loads of laundry, went to the bike shop and had the bike computer put on the stroller- still no baby! Agh! There's no tricking this baby!

Since there's no baby, I thought I would try to sew something for William. I decided he needed some of those "sleep sacks" to wear the first few weeks. It's hard to find "boy" knit fabric, but I scored some buttery yellow and some cute fabric with tugboats and crabs. Here's the final product. I did make it sort of backwards where the parts that overlap on the shoulders are in the back, but it'll still work. It's super soft! I'll make sure I get the yellow one correct- maybe I should monogram it in navy blue or a funky green...any thoughts?

PS- It's ten o'clock on Saturday night and Chad is downstairs watching the wonder pets...we are obviously ready for William- I hope I'm not still writing of all the ways I've been trying to trick the baby into appearing next Saturday night!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

No news is ....well no news

Boooo! So we went to the doctor today- nothing, nope, nada, nowhere near ready. That's what she told us. UGH! I can't stand it! Oh well, I guess we'll keep on waiting. I read in a book that your baby needs to feel welcomed so Chad and I have been talking to him- like we drove by baby cows today and I pointed them out and said "If you were here you could see them too" We passed a construction looking thing- maybe a backhoe.." Oh William, doesn't that look like fun" See he's welcome to come into the world, now why won't he join us?
I did run some errands and picked up a bike computer for the stroller so I can clock our walks- avg speed, distance, my heart rate, etc. I think the nerd in me will like to keep up with the data. Mary katherine gave us a great car seat adapter for the stroller where the carrier just pops in until he's big enough to ride in the seat- we/ I love it! I'm going to get Chad to help me install the bike monitor tomorrow on the stroller...see his stroller is ready, why won't he come join us???

His nursery is as finished as it will be- until I decide what I want on the walls. Here are a few pictures. I've made a couple more pillows for the reading corner and he recieved lots of great books at showers...why won't he come chill in the reading corner and look at all of these great books????

Oh well.....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This past weekend...

Chad and I are eagerly awaiting the arrival of William. We are trying to do as much as possible before he gets here. Friday was my last day at Vanderbilt- I am now officially "under doctor's watch" which really just means I get to stay at home :-) I thought I'd be bored to death, but I've been pretty busy trying to go to lunch with different people, buying the last few things we "need"....more socks! If you know Chadwick at all you know why I HAD to have the Johnny's- aren't they adorable. And here's a pic of the CEO socks- they came in the mail and I can't wait to see William in them!!!! Hurry up and get here!!!! We go to the doctor tomorrow- keep your fingers crossed she's says it's almost time!!!!!

I "ran" into an old friend- Stephanie- from First Baptist Greenville on facebook last week. She's moved to Nashville. We went out to lunch Saturday with she and her fiance- another FBCer- Craig. They're getting married in August. It was great to see a face from home and to have a new friend in Nashville! And it gave me an excuse to go to Demo's- one of our favorite places to eat! Then dinner with Brian and Rebbecca Holiday Saturday night- another fun time- all this makes for a busy weekend and a tired Jennifer!

We went this weekend to Crockett Park Sunday night to see the finale of their summer concert series- one of my favorite bands- The Tams! The guy in the peach is one of the Tams- he had a hoard of kids that basically did the train behind him the entire time.

My friend Ashley and her fiance Arjun came out to see them too. All in all it was a good time. It rained all day so it was cool outside- for once!

This is one of my last shirts that doesn't have a stain on it somewhere. I think I'm going to invent a bump napkin. I put a napkin in my lap when I eat, but I drip above the napkin- it's so annoying. Only a few more days......

The mosquitoes think I'm extra sweet this year- and Chad too. We bought this kind of Off! because it's not supposed to be greasy- well it's not BUT you smell like the Apricot girl from Strawberry Shortcake- it's uncanny how much it smells like that doll- anyone remember her???? I imagine Sica will go out and purchase this immediately, everyone else will probably avoid it!

Now that I've got a little more free time I'll try to post more. The nursery is finished- maybe I'll get a little bit up tomorrow with pictures......

Last, but not least- a shout out to Baby Ian- one of William's little cousins. Now he's big boy Ian- he's 2, this is an old picture, but I thought it was cute. He's hamming it up with Grandmom!!!! We think he needs his own blog so we can keep up with him!

Monday, July 7, 2008

baby socks

So it's been a pretty busy day at work...well not eactly. Friday is my last day and I have nothing to do, I mean NOTHING. You'd think i'd be nice, however I am bored to death! I did find the cutest socks on Check them out.....
Baby socks are my favorite because they're soo tiny. Aren't these adorable- and they were on sale! Less than three weeks and we'll have pictures of baby William wearing his little loafers on the blog!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chad thinks he's Lucas Roberts

I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a faithful viewer of Days of Our Lives- no wait, I'm pretty much obsessed with the show. I watched Biggest Loser because Sammy was the host- it's pitiful I know. It's Chad's Grandma's fault. I watched it at her house a few times and became hooked. I do tivo it so I can fast forward through most of the show- it takes me about 15 minutes to watch an hour long episode. Which leads me to the title of my post. Chad came home from playing music this weekend and he'd gone shopping. Let's just say that one of the shirts he bought was a little bit too small. He says it was the biggest one they had and it was only $2 so why, because you look like Lucas Roberts from Days of Our Lives when you wear it. He said the other color choices were too Simon Cowell (grays and blacks). The funny part is that it's a stretchy shirt that's made to be too tight around your biceps- he looks just like Lucas. I snapped a quick picture so you can see my hot man... my baby Lucas Roberts or Lucas Horton, I think he's changed his name...... he only needs a mustache to be a body double for Lucas...creepy! Now if only I had a mansion and a lot of nice jewelry and fresh flowers all over the house.......