Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween gifts for teachers

I had such great plans ...and then the last Friday before Halloween was here and I was giftless. I know, I don't "have" to do something, but I am so lucky that WDP is at a school where everyone loves him and he is learning so much, and has so much fun. His teachers this year are awesome! We are lucky to have Miss megan back for a second year and now have Ms. Trisha too. He calls them "trisha-meg-ann" if they are just one person. Sometimes I'll tell him we're going to Target and he'll randomly ask "Where Trisha- meg-ann?" It amazes me that anyone can work with 2 year olds all day every love them and wanted to do a little something. I decided on a Howdoesshe? caramel dipping sauce. You HAVE to make this. EASY. Delicious. Yum. Did I mention Easy??? What a great Christmas treat for a neighbor or friend. And seriously- 2 batches 5 cups of yumminess in about 30 minutes!!!! Less had I not been unloading the dishwasher and looking for my measuring cups (WDP had them in his kitchen)
Caramel dipping sauce
Put into saucepan
1/3 c butter
3/4 c brown sugar
3/4 c sugar
1/2 c corn syrup

Stir on medium until it boils (5 ish minutes). Remove from heat. Wait 5 min. Whisk in
2/3 c whipping cream...I used heavy...not sure what the difference is, but heavy was on sale, so heavy whipping cream it was!
1/2t vanilla...she doesn't say do this, but really, isn't everything a little better with vanilla????
Pour into cute leftover jam jars. Refrigerate. Use within 2 if it will last that long. Makes 2 1/2 cups. It gets thicker as it gets cold. Yum!!!!

I almost made a bag out of candycorn fabric (thank you for talking me out of it MelMel)...which we think WDP may be allergic to- huge hives outbreak this week- but went for the cellophane bag and bow. I use these treat bags from target for everything. I need to buy them wholesale :-)

Enjoy...any good teacher gifts you can share with me a "new mom of a schooler" I would love you!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

slide hair

wdp and I were at the zoo again last weekend with Aya and her sweet daughter and she got a great shot of him with his slide hair- I love slide hair.... and the tongue in this one kills me :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall break

We just "celebrated" Fall Break 2010 :-) I did a little crafting- got the idea to make this wreath or "tire" as WDP calls it- from www, easy and fun! And with the left over candies I thought I would fill some bud vases...

of course they are now half full....

We hit up Gentry's farm and tried to get a good picture for the grandparents...My friend nancy let me borrow her portrait lens...loved it! WDP was not so much into posing for pictures for me....

Jenna had a big birthday party at the bowling alley. WDP wore his team shirt and thought he was "big time" because he "knew" how to bowl. he kept saying "more birthday party...more cupcakes"...The cupcakes were obviously a huge hit!!!
Jenna's sweet parents Mel Mel, Jay and baby Joel

We also explored the yard while I worked on my lenses and photography :-)

William has been taking my measuring cups, putting them on his Thomas table and will say he's "cooking"...I thought I should start looking for a kitchen and went by Toys R Us and found a steal of a deal...a Melissa and Doug small kitchen (because it's in the den) marked down and then on sale again so I paid $54 instead of 139... nice! Of course putting it togteher was a pain, but he just loves it..."kitchen, kitchen, more kitchen"- all I hear! The sink doubles as a hat when it's not full of cars....I think I need to find some fake food- he only cooks his cars right now :-) All in all it was a great break! 4 weeks until Thanksgiving, then 2 wekks then 1 week of exams then Christmas Break- woo-hoo!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am the Varsity Bowling Coach at my school. I use the term "coach" very loosely...more like sponsor/ score keeper/ snack getter, get the picture. It is the best coaching gig in the school district. Other schools are extremely serious about their, well, we have fun. I had an assistant yesterday at the game/ match...not really sure what they're called! WDP was so sweet. He loves anything with the "big kids"...We had a practice lane and the bowling alley let me set up the ramp for WDP and they gave him a kiddie ball. He could not have had any more fun. He would throw the ball down the ramp and run to see it come back in the ball return and say "here it is!" He was high fiving kids/ parents/ anyone that would give him a high five :-) Such a sweet little helper! We are going to a bowling birthday party this weekend....I think we have a leg up on the competition since we've been practicing!!!
We went to Touch a Truck Franklin Saturday morning. WDP made a bee-line for the train...pretty fun. We even saw our sweet Nurse Erica from our pediatrician. After the train he wouldn't look at anything and kept saying "I show you" I followed him...straight to the shaved ice truck! I have no idea how he knew what it was... This kid can throw down some shaved ice. No flavorings, just $3 for a cup of shaved ice...sigh... WDP LOVES his ice... after the ice he did get on a few diggers, mowers, tractors, but he mainly wanted to walk over and then keep eating his ice. He must've been preparing for our big date night- WDP and I went out to dinner and to "baby's first Opry"- My sweet friend Diane invited us out with her husband Louis to the Grand Ole Opry for the 85th birthday celebration of the Opry. Del McCoury (love!), Trace Adkins, Taylor Swift (she's as adorable as you would think) and get this...Dolly Parton!!!! We had so much fun. After each performance WDP would clap and say "more" with the baby sign for more. Then , after the Opry Square Dancers he looked at me and said "that my favorite!" he even talked about the dancers all day Sunday. Thanks for taking us Diane!!! Busy weekend!!!!

Yesterday was continued until Oct 26- blah! Oh well...and my embroidery machine sucked in a bunch of thread and stopped working- awesome right? Hopefully it will be back from the sewing machine doctor by Thursday!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

First Field Trip!!!

I "chaperoned" William's first ever field trip to Lucky Ladd Farms...pretty much one of the best days ever!!! We had soo much fun and it was so cute to see him interacting with his friends. William was king of the world...he was so excited to be there- a smile all day!!!
Here he is with Luke- WDP is sooo tall compared to his classmates!
Here he is prepping for a job at Texas North one day :-)

They had the coolest pumpkins...I love the ones in the middle "Cinderella"
Ohhh- blues ones- these were so pretty in person!!!!!
They had a homemade train...of course it was a huge hit
A huge ball pit with large jumpy balls
Genius! Sand box with corn kernels... all the fun of a sand box with out the mess!!!!

William actually sharing with Zion...sharing is sooo hard for us!!!!
They also had a huge slide, tons of tractors, a hay ride....All in all it was a blast!!! William would run around and was so independent...but he would see me and then as "where trish and megan"- his 2 teachers. I just LOVE that he LOVES them so much- makes it easier to take him there each day!!! Last night we went in Target and I was looking for Halloween stuff for "Boo" thing at school (little surprise goodie bags for teachers) and we saw tons of plastic pumpkins on a display shelf and WDP said " Pumpkin Patch at Target" hahahaha- so sweet :-)
I have a big court date Tuesday morning so prayers would be nice- I would not reccomend getting divorced- not. fun .at all.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WDP and I have been busy at birthday parties and just finding mischief to get into together! He is becoming so sweet it just melts my little heart!!! He now says "Good eye-de-a mama" to almost anything I say. Not sure why he ennuciates idea that way but it's so cute! When the camera is out he either says "no more camera" or "take picture of willy" We have his first class field trip this Thursday to Lucky Ladd pumpkin patch- I can't wait! I'm taking the day off to "chaperone!" Just a few pics of him being silly in the yard , rocking a bounce house at Brody's birthday party, and mainly asking me to take more pictures of him!!!

he loves wearing this jacket with the "hat" or hood..I love how big the hood is- I think he looks super cute in it :-)giving me a fake "cheese"
"no baby clothes, more willy" I was trying to stage baby clothes photo shoots and well, we ended up playing chase....