Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2mo check up

Today William weighed 14lb 4 oz and was 23.75 in- so he grew 1.75 in and has gained almost 6lbs since he was born! Gooo baby William! Everything else was fine. he did get his first round of vaccines and when I heard him cry after the first one I started to cry- it was soo sad! I couldn't stand it and he had 2 more shots to go. He yelped, I cried and then it was over. He was so brave. He has the cutest band-aids on today- his first ones. I will post a pic later. It's late for me and I'm tired. We have parent conferences again tomorrow so I'm off to bed. I just wanted everyone to know how big he's getting :-)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

The birthday boy

Today is the big 2 month birthday! I can't believe I'm typing this while I'm at work (kids are doing a review sheet :-) ) and Chad's taking the baby to the sitter- just two short months ago we were at the hospital. He has changed soo much! I feel like he's getting a little personality and we know what he likes and what he doesn't. I thought this morning as I was getting his bottles ready how cute they were with only one ounce and now he has 5 ounces! He's changing so much, so fast. I want time to slow down. He is the happiest baby and Chad and I can't believe what we did without him. Who would've thought how content we'd be to just stay at home and say "oooo" just to have him repeat it back to you, but I wouldn't trade those moments for anything. It's hard to believe you can love something so tiny so much. Happy 2 month birthday to our favorite, our sweet, our wonderful little William!!!!

Brand new baby
Chad looks like he's holding him so carefully should see him now- what a pro!
He wore this last night and his legs hang out of the bottom. He sits up to the giraffe in the swing- he was so little!!!! Look at his skinny face!
Here's the chunky baby we love! We go to the doctor tomorrow- I'll post with his new stats...I bet he's grown 2 inches!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Friday

What a happy baby we've got!!! Lately William has been such a chatterbox it's so cute, I love it! As he was chattering tonight Chad took a few pictures that were just too cute not to share....

My sister is coming today with her two boys Eli and Cope. I know William will love having some little friends to chatter with all weekend! I'll try to get a few shots for you...

Happy Friday to you from our happy baby.... Have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 8- Where does time go???

I won't bore you with the details of the last few weeks, but basically I'm back at work full time (it's OK), Chad's busy, busy doing contractor things, and William is growing like a weed. We have a two month appointment next Wednesday- I bet he's grown two inches! Here are just a bunch of pictures of him with short descriptions....

Oh I forgot his new thing is to try and repeat what Chad says. Chad will say "A- goo" and William will say it back...soooo fun

He loves to blow mouth bubbles- we call him rabid baby.....
Before we leave the house if he's in the carseat for too long he'll fuss. Chad's response- act like the carseat is the Flying Dutchman ride at a fair.... it works I can't complain!

happy baby
If it's nice out I'll spread a blanket in the yard and set up camp for a "picnic." he LOVES it ..I do too until the mosquitoes find us!
Seriously- you can't tell me he's not huge compared to just a few weeks ago....

Here we are playing "Steamroller" (have I blogged about steamroller?)with him. He just giggles and giggles. This is when he firrst started repeating stuff back to Chad :-)

Dad's view of life with William.... he feeds him all the time :-)

This one's dark, but funny- Chad was trying to carry him on his shoulders....