Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween!

It's William's first Halloween and while I had big plans for the Perry Three to trick or treat, or more precisely- tailgate in our front yard with the grill and our pop up tent for all the neighbors to stop by and get a snack while they were out trick or treating.... Chad will be in Greenville all weekend playing music, so we're opting to be a little more traditional and just pass out candy at the house. My sweet friend Polly's parents sent me the cutest pumpkin outfit while I was pregnant and when I got it I thought he'll be so cute in this, but it was not until we put him in it yesterday that I fully realized how adorable he is as a pumpkin!!!! He is such a good sport about letting me change his clothes and dress him up a lot. I just can't get over how sweet he looks in this!!! We wish everyone a spooky and safe Halloween! Stop by our house next year for a tailgating adventure and look for the Perry Trio as Lenny, Tuck and MingMing......

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to baby William!!!

I can't believe he's 3mo old today! Happy Birthday Sweet baby! Things that are new to baby William:
1)He can stay awake on walks now and LOVES to look around at anything and everything. We're taking the carseat attachment off the stroller so he can sit like a big boy and look around when we're out walking. he looks so tiny in such a big stroller. I'll take some pictures this weekend.

2) He likes you to hold him so he can "stand"- his legs are really strong, it's the arms we need to work on....

3) He's started to coo and ooo in different pitches...well that's what Chad says. I'm not sure what "pitch" means :-)

4) He tries to stick his tongue out at you if you do it first.

5) He hates to have his diaper in he shrieks hysterically as if you're pulling out his fingernails and stops the second you take him off the changing table.

6) As much as he hates having his diaper changed, he loves having a bath. he loves to flap his little arms in the water. It's sweet.

7) He still doesn't like to sleep through the night, but we get a4 or 5 hour stretch every now and again....
8) He hates it when you multi-task. he likes 100% of our attention, which is OK I guess :-)

Happy Birthday to our sweet 3month old!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A chill is in the air....

Fall maybe my favorite season...then again I just love every season when you're switching from one to the next. This weekend we had our first cold snap. It was so nice! Just a little nip in the air- enough to break out William's new winter coat- isn't he precious?
He was smiling until I turned the camera on! Chad's new thing is putting him in the pouch and blowing leaves with an 18v blower- it's not loud... He found a hat I bought while I was pregnant and it's my new favorite thing for William to wear....I just love the ears...

Chad and I went out for the first time sans William on Saturday night. My teaching assistant at school for two periods has tickets to the Grand Ole Opry every Saturday night through her husband's work and she gave them to me for this past weekend. It was so fun to just get out and be with Chad...I will admit that I called to check on him several times (he was with Molly so of course he was OK) and we came home right after the show because we both missed him, but the Opry was fun. We had amazing seats- 2nd row right in the center, and my favorite Bluegrass band, The Del McCoury band played. I LOVE them!!! Little Jimmy Dickens was there- he's too adorable. Here are just a few pictures from Chad's cell phone-

The Opryland hotel chefs carve opry star pumpkins- pretty cool looking...

William's starting to enjoy hugging a little bear Chad bought him in Atlanta one weeknd- isn't it sweet? I think he just likes chewing on the ears, but I like to think he's hugging it :-)

Three months this Thursday- I can't believe it!!! Here's to a good week and more fall like weather!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

We have had such a great week. Our new babysitter is so wonderful! William is so happy in the afternoon. It makes it so much easier to go to work knowing he's happy and being loved on! He has become such a drooler- his clothes are always wet! Surely he's not getting a tooth- right???

We went to Cabana to meet Stacy the other day. It was William's first outing to such a hip place....

He laughed for the first time yesterday. It has to be the sweetest sound I've ever heard- It was adorable. Hopefully we'll hear it again soon :-)
Tired tiger.....
I am trying to make a cute video to show everyone how cute William is these days, but everytime I get the camera out he stops whatever he's doing. It's so funny. Here's the best I can get...for now. I'm going to be sneaky this weekend and try to get some good video of him.

He's getting so big! Look how long he looks in this cute outfit from Becky and Finn.

Have a wonderful weekend! I will try to post some video Sunday!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Big Race

William is still fighting through his cold. He is mostly fine during the day, it's during the night time when he coughs a lot- poor baby. He's sleeping on Chad's chest right now. I wanted to snap a picture, but he always wakes up when I take pictures of him sleeping....

Because of his cold, I almost talked myself out of running yesterday..."He's too sick" but really I think I was just too tired, but we got up, got ready and headed over to the school and did the race. It was only a 5K, but it felt a lot longer. I officially felt old. We did dominate the stroller division with an amazing finish of 36.33...OK, we were the ONLY stroller , but that means we win our division right? I had to stop and walk twice for me (it was billed as a "fun run" so I thought that was OK) and had to stop multiple times for him because he's so stuffy he couldn't hold his paci in and twice because he started to fuss and wanted someone to hold him. It was nice to have to take a small break...all in all I guess 36.33 isn't too bad. We'll shoot for not stopping next time. Of course William got lots of "ooohs and aaws" from everyone at the race. I love having a cutie-pie baby :-) I on the other hand am so sore from yesterday...again, another sign I'm getting old....How did I ever go run 10 or 12 miles??? Maybe if I step up our training and not just taper and carbo load.....

Big news at home for us- we've been fairly unhappy with our daycare situation for a variety of reasons and think we've found someone to come into our home to keep him- what a relief! She's a mom and asked all kinds of questions about what he likes to do during the day, what kind of schedule we want him on, etc- We are keeping our fingers crossed that this will work out. It'll make going to work easier for me knowing he is happy and someone is loving on him all day!

Yesterday I dressed William in a new outfit I bought from my favorite, yet so expensive I can never go there boutique, Snap, (we had a giftcard from our sweet friend Courtney)- he's wearing it in all of the pictures- I had just said to Chad I almost don't want to put him in it because he could you see where this is going??? Anyway, as the potential nanny and her husband were leaving William just let it fly and somehow it went all over me, the floor, and the ridiculously expensive's in the wash now. I'm just hoping he can wear it twice because he's soo cute and it's so sweet when he's wearing it! The potential nanny just laughed... keep your fingers crossed!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A cold and a big weekend

Poor little William has his first cold :-( It's so sad when he's trying to cough. He slept in the swing last night and did OK. Yesterday ha had it in his mind that he was not going to go to daycare. The sitter called Chad about 10:30 and said he was hysterical. Chad picked him up and he was fine the rest of the day. He just wanted an early weekend :-) I completely understand his point of view. But doesn't he still look adorable??? Does this look like the face of someone hysterical???

We have our first big race tomorrow. I haven't blogged about it because I wasn't sure we'd actually do it, but here I am stating it- we will run the Brentwood Boogie 5K tomorrow. I'll have the fastest 13 minute mile of anyone else out there! I'm so slow these days, but hopefully all the carbo loading and tapering I've been doing will help my race efforts. By tapering, I really mean we haven't been running at all this week :-) I train by carbo loading. We'll see if my training method works tomorrow. If nothing else, he will be the cutest 2 mo old in the race :-)

Here are just a few pics from the last week of our little pal...
Here he's showing you the first time he's worn my favorite pjs I bought when I was pregnant- I also think it will be his last- they're sooo tight, and his big skis (feet) are curled at the sad!
I'm trying to find him a bunting for wearing while we run this winter so we tried a feww on at the local outfitters- is this cute or what????

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Chad's not home a lot on the weekends, so when he's here I/we like to have little family outings. Today we decided to find a pumpkin patch- perfect to try out he camera we bought last night...which we've since returned, but that's another story....

We found Gentry Farm which happened to be close to the house, so I dressed William up in his new Halloween outfit (everyone seemed to vote for black and white, I wanted khaki, so he has 2 Halloween around town outfits...) He looked ADORABLE and I'm not just saying that because I'm the mom. He even had on his little Johnny socks that look like black converse hightops. He sat in the bouncy for just a few minutes and fell asleep and woke up to an explosion from the diaper. I'm convinced he didn't want to wear a jon-jon with a ghost on it so he thought he'd mess on it and we'd put him in a "big" boy outfit. Tricky Mommy had TWO outfits ready to go, so he wore the khaki and pumpkin outfit to the farm. I think next year we'll have better luck at the pumpkin patch pics....

We are trying out a lot with the new camera so here are just a few pictures we've taken just hanging out today. I love being home on the weekends just watching him look at books with Chad in the morning and hearing him/ seeing him giggle and smile all day. It makes me sad to have to go to work and see all that I miss while I'm taking roll and doing teacher things- so sad! We are so lucky to have such a sweetie little baby!!!!

Oh and by the way I STILL can't figure out how to arrange pictures on the blog- how do you drag them around Sunday to make your blog look so good???? I want to put a few pictures on one row... FYI, blogger will not load any more pictures tonight, so I will try loading the others later this week :-)

Friday, October 3, 2008

OK, so our camera is broken :-( so sad! It just won't turn on. Before you suggest I charge the battery...I already tried that! We'll look for a new one this weekend and post some new pics soon- promise! But William does have a few new "tricks" I thought you'd like to know about. He is really into flipping his head side to side like "what's this, what's that" over and over. He also loves for you to be on your back and to hold him up and raise and lower him like he's a super baby. He says "ooooh" and kicks his legs the whole time- so cute! He can also produce more drool by the minute than anyone we know- he is a drool machine :-)

Last, but not least he has learned to scoot- well he did it one time and it was because his diaper leaked and he was soaked , but before he cried for us to come get him last night he scooted to the top of his crib..and turned sideways. Obviously the smartest baby in the world!

I really wish I had some new pictures for you because he smiles so much these days! Maybe by the end of the weekend. Here's an old picture just so you can get your baby William fix :-)