Friday, April 30, 2010

Someone's loving the popsicle maker

Yum! We are loving the Zoku popsicle maker. It's too amazing for words. I added the Boathouse Fruit smoothie drink- yum! William loved it. 3 more Mondays until summer and I can't wait!!!
We just went out for Special Olympics here at school- terrible picture of me- but Shannon from my Ecology class is so sweet- she even introduced me to her boyfriend from another school :-) The way she yells "Mrs. Perry!!!" every morning is just cute enough to make you smile! And here's me and SnowBird- I almost wet my pants when I saw him- I LOVE SnowBird!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank you Popa and Grandma Betsy!!!!

So... thanks to Popa and Grandma Betsy and a few leftover giftcards for WDP at Christmas we are installing this.... No sandbox for us though, remember we put in a huge sandbox last year. I think we're going to put the water table underneath the fort.... Want to come over for a playdate please? Maybe I'll get some real pictures of it up by the weekend. Lots going on here with the Perry Trio... and the new swingset will be a nice distraction :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break

(How cute is this? There are tons of hot air balloons around Franklin- one went right over the house last night- WDP loved it!)

SB 2010 is finally was long awaited and I'm so sad it's gone...good news- only 28.5 more days until Summer Vacation!!! William and I had so much fun just being little buddies over the break. We bought a zoo pass and the Nashville Zoo is fun, but the playground is by far the best part...It has this huge "tot lot" that's a shady covered play area full of jumpy things and lots of foam. He LOVED it. Three days in a row. Then we'd run to see the meerkats and make for the exit. The first day we actually saw the animals and the look on his face was priceless when he saw the monkeys and giraffes. I'm so excited to go there lots this summer! I need to get picks of him at the playground- it's so awesome!
They have a cool goat farm at the zoo too :-)
Easter- We had a great Easter- went to several egg hunts- he figured the "egg- basket" thing pretty quickly and went to MelMel's house for Easter dinner- and another egg hunt of course! He had so much fun!

We have also gotten the yard ready, garden is planted and the sandbox is ready. He liked the sandbox last year- he is in heaven in the sandbox this year! Last night he went to bed saying "sandbox, outside...sandbox outside."
He has a new passion for bubbles...anything with bubbles- bubble wands (we sleep with them) bubble machines- he likes them to blow into his face :-), bubble guns, bubble fans...anything. I need to invest in a huge 5 gallon bucket of bubble solution for the summer :-)
Before he hits the on button...and during the bubble explosion- his face was soaked and he loved it !
Lastly- my Popsicle maker. You NEED one. I mean seriously. If you have one splurge this summer- let it be this. They're about $50 and I think only at Williams-Sonoma, but.... soooo worth it!!!! You keep it in the freezer, pull it out, add anything and 7min later you have three 2oz pops- the perfect size. Our first pops were crushed strawberries- that's it. Just berries. Healthy and delicious! Last night I poured that Odwalla fruit smoothie into it- fun. This is the best use of a giftcard I've ever had :-) And they freeze the good way- not all crystally, but all frozen and creamy....I promise you will love this. I can't wait to do crushed watermelon...cantaloupe, kiwis.... yogurt, my list goes on and on...... If you were here I would make you a Popsicle- come visit!!!!
I know I'm keeping my sewing stuff on another blog, but with our obsession for trucks I thought you'd like to see these. WDP cries when I take his truck flannel sleepy pants off- "truck pants, truck pants!" so we went to the fabric store and bought lots of truck fabric. He was walking around so proud of himself "truck pants fabric" Not truck fabric, but truck pants fabric :-) He wore the W tee one day with brown pants and called it the "truck pants tee shirt" I love it! Side note....I think The Intentional Home is going to "feature" my sewing blog this week...Wednesday maybe. I'll keep you posted. I think I'm very super excited!!!!