Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy, busy

I've been busy, busy....

Making stockings...from old red velvet curtains and leftover minky fleece from WDP's crib bumper. I think they turned out quite nicely...

The other stockings look a little better- I didn't press and turn the seams in very well, but you get the idea :-)

Making Christmas tees.....

And making an outfit for a friend to give away....Q's are the world's hardest letters to monogram. I had to redo this one 4 times...ugh..... then again it was probably user error and I was just doing something wrong....either way I hate to say goodbye to fabric I love and I have LOVED this fabric. I just like to look at how pretty some fabrics are and keep them folded neatly in my sewing closet. But this was the end of this fabric...byebye, I hope baby Quin loves you!

We "decorated" our tree. Well we put lights all over it and bought the "shatterproof" ornanments at Wal-Mart which are indeed shatterproof, but WDP pulls them off anyway. I'm glad he is throwing cheapie WalMart ornaments and not my 1982 Snoopy ones.... Maybe next year we can really decorate the tree. I tried to put this garland on it that I made a few years back- it's just a bunch of pompoms on quilting thread. I love it, WDP obviously did not feel the same.... (look closely he's hidden the ornaments in the tree only to pull them out ans toss them across the den)
He also likes to climb behind the tree...oh well :-)
Here he is running in the yard at 5:00 looking at the lights. he keeps saying "hot hot"...they're not, but he likes to say that...

Lastly, he has become a signing fool. He signs and signs... Here is a quick video. He's made some signs up like cold. It's first. he scrunches his shoulders and pulls his arms in and tries to say "Brrrr" you'll see the video goes into crazy baby mode opening the oven in a minute. Yes, he's also learned how to remove the childproof locks......

Our little drummer boy....

By the way we went to the Doctor Wed...maybe I thought he had an earache....nope, just a snotty cold, but we did get to weigh in on the big boy scale- no more baby scales for us. He was a whopping 28lbs!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feeding the "baby"

William is so resistive to drinking milk from a sippie, with a straw, anything...except a bottle. He does great with water and juice from the sippie, but the milk is a hard habit to break. We've opted out of the morning bottle and if he doesn't drink, he just doesn't of the pluses of having a gi-normous baby, if they don't eat, they'll still be fine! Anyway he is also 100% obsessed with Elmo- he even wants to kiss Elmo on his diapers before we put them on, so when I saw an Elmo sippie at Target on Friday you can bet I added it to the buggy. It worked...kind of. He drank a good bit of milk today, but most of all he wanted to share and feed his babies...a mouse/ bunny type animal and a Tigger doll. Sooooo sweet! He even made little drinking noises when he was feeding them :-)

On another note- I learned how to do a reverse applique this weekend- also known as the world's fastest way to dress up a plain $3 tee shirt- check them out....
I kind of like the way the tee curls a little where you cut the edges...sort of gives the tee a vintage feel :-) The turkey is WDP's hand print :-) I've got big plans to do a lot of his tees he's about to outgrow like this and then just get more in January when he would've been about t outgrow them anyway. Yeah for new, easy sewing ideas. Thanks Mel Mel!

Friday, November 13, 2009

"Rock Climbing"

We are having such an unusual spell of amazing weather. William and I are trying to get out to the park that's across from our neighborhood everyday- I know the rainy, cold days are fast approaching! While he is still enthralled with slides and climbing up...

and going down....

His new activity is "rock climbing." I may just have a Conrad Anker on my hands....

So Chad and I have always called this part of the park "Pride Rock" from The Lion King...

and now William loves it too- running between the rocks, "climbing" the rocks, watching the big kids play on them, etc. He loves it. I never knew having a boy and being a "boy mom" would be so fun :-)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sliding all by himself

We are having the BEST weather here....It's not really November weather- mid 70s, but I love it. I could take these temps year round. We're trying to make the most of the good weather and took a jog to the park yesterday. William has been refusing to get into the baby jogger- He used to love it, I think he feels confined and he would rather run than ride. I wish we could trade. Oh well. I bribed him with "let's go for a ride and we'll stop and play" So we did, even though it was getting dark. He even climbed up and did the slide all by himself. Yeah!!!! Check him out. I wish I wsn't so loud in the video- he's saying "weeee" as he goes down :-)

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Monday, November 9, 2009

My first house

OK, I did it. I stood in line at Toys R Us on Friday for a "doorbuster"...did I not just blog about how I despise plastic stuff.... but look at this face.
I mean, he squealed when he saw it. We played in it all weekend. He loves it, so therefore I do not despise the plastic much...anymore. It's the Step 2 "Neat and Tidy Cottage"- It really was a steal. And my plan is to sell it on Craigslist next spring when it's old hat and he doesn't squeal every time he sees it. William loves opening things- cabinets, the fridge, doors, etc, so this is perfect.
The shutters may be his favorite part. We played peek-a-boo a lot! It never got old.

Check him out- a doorbell (that's not too loud), a little table, sink, 2 chairs, a working door- everything a 15 mo old could want.
We even put out Christmas lights on the porch so he can play at "night"...with the time change Nashville gets dark around 5- it'll be dark by 4:45 in a few weeks- yuck! It's on the porch right outside the kitchen window so we can be inside and he can be "outside" (on the locked, screened porch) and he thinks he's so big....just look at him :-) Be prepared for many more posts on the house- it's our new hangout.....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Part 1 and 2

So I completely forgot to blog about William's 15mo check up. Basically he's super healthy (yeah) and very large for a 15 mo old. He weighs 27 lbs and 13 oz and is the height of the average 26 mo old... Hmmmmm. I was wondering if he was still really big because our size 5 diapers are tight and I've noticed that diapers only go to a size 6. What will we do then???? Anyway, he was so sweet after he got his vaccinations he told the nurse through a few tears " Da- toa"...which means thank you :-) A tall, healthy, and polite baby. Makes a mommy happy!
OK, Halloween Part 1. Our friends Melanie and Jay had a Halloween Birthday Party for baby Joel (who by the way weighs more than WDP) and their 5 year old Jenna. It was so cute. It was a yucky morning, but the clouds departed and we had a great, sunny afternoon- perfect for a party! Melanie does everything perfectly, and this party was no exception. They went as the Scooby Doo show, we were Jedi Warriors (Chad's idea not mine) and William was Yoda. He refused to wear the costume at the house, but warmed up to the idea once he saw the other kids.
baby Joel has a play yard and William wanted to be in there sooo badly! Finally he made it in and just played. Isn't Joel a cutie Scooby?
Other party events included "Hay rides" in their riding lawnmower- a huge hit, a "pumpkin patch"- adorable (you could even cut decorate with pre cut outs of sticky felt eyes, noses, and mouths)...and of course cake, which I gladly took part in :-)
lHe kept dropping the pumpkin, but this one looks like he's balancing it :-)
The birthday boy! Joel is the most laid back baby ever!
Halloween Part 2: We only went to 2 houses to trick or treat- William didn't really get it, but he was cute trying. We came back home, had our tree stand heater going in the front yard and let WDP stay up too late just playing in the yard with his light saber. (By too late, I mean 7:45 :-) All in all trick or treating was a big success because there were no tears and he kept his costume on.
I am ready for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas- I'm almost finished shopping and am getting William ready to start "school" in January. He's been staying with a nanny, but needs a little more "structure" and I'm so excited bout his new school...and the new Chick Fil A that's being built near it :-)