Wednesday, October 21, 2009


William is branching out from his avocado loving ways...he tried some lasagna and LOVED it. So I made spaghetti last night and he kept calling it "nagna"...OK, whatever- tomato sauce, noodles...sure, it's lasagna. He ate 2 bowls- 2 BOWLS!!!! Who is this baby? I guess we'll see how big he is Friday at his 15mo check up :-)

He has also discovered the broom. The other day Chad was feeding him and he wouldn't stop fussing until I put the broom beside the highchair so he could hold it...if only he could really use it to help around the house :-)

Finally, I have to admit that he is watching a few baby Einstein videos now and Sesame Street- I have no idea how babies find out about Elmo, but I think they are born to be obsessed with the red fuzzy creature. I cannot stop singing "Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayon too....lalalalalaala- Elmo's World" We just have to listen carefully for "Melmo"- baby Einstein or Elmo- which is Elmo and believe me he will let you know if you misunderstand him and try to show the wrong show.... I found a little Elmo bath toy that winds up and moves around the tub and William even took it to bed last night. When he woke up at one crying he was still holding it :-) And I figured out this morning that he was upset because he was cold- the babysitter opened his window and shut the blinds and I didn't check it last night- Mom of the Year right here...sorry William!

Excuse the pile of laundry in the was clean, it was pressed, just not in his closet. This picture would've been so cute! H eloves to stand and hold his hands behind his back :-)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Before we had William I swore we wouldn't be "plastic" people...we wouldn't have tons of that plastic stuff around...I didn't want it to junk up the house. I was wrong. My new motto seems to be the more the merrier- especially if it's cheap, cheap like on Craigslist or at a garage sale or better yet if someone just hands it down. Take for instance this super fun convertible WDP got from Maddie- he LOVES it. And of course the fall is the perfect time for a convertible! We also have her old little tikes work bench and pink tricycle. Pink you say? Yep, pink- who cares, he's one it doesn't matter to him :-) Here's to fun plastic overtaking my life!

Please note that he is chewing on the bubble wand...yep, mom of the year right here- "go ahead, chew on it. It says non-toxic"....Pick. Your. Battles.

Before we had William I also made a ton of pillows for his room- it was the "reading corner" They were piped and monogrammed, placed neatly on the floor. Arranged with a few stuffed animals and a basket of books. It has turned into the "run and dive" portion of the house. He wants to be chased and then he squeals, runs to his room and dives right in. My little stunt man. He just falls face forward. He's only hit the Murphy bed once. The basket of books is gone, the pillows are not neat anymore, but I think he likes this stunt zone way more than the reading corner :-)
videoSorry it's so dark- it's getting dark here around 5:45 now :-( and most of our house is lamps- not good lighting for movies, but you get the idea....

Monday, October 12, 2009

We went back to Gentry Farm- William was much more interested this year than last.
last year....
Maybe next year he'll be interested enough to actually go into the "Activity area"...this year he just wanted to run and say "pump-pump" anyone and everyone who would listen. That's his word for pumpkin. Check him out saying it.... he does his lips soo funny :-)

We posed, and posed him.....

last year...same spot...funny how much difference a year can make!

He was a good sport....

Finally this was the picture we decided on for the Halloween card for the grandparents... it's no "Sunday Grant" quality photo, but it'll have to do....

I wanted to make him a special Halloween jonjon, but got caught up in life/work/work/ we got an appliqued tee from Target. I bought the girl tee because I wanted the "no pocket" look, and the girl tees are very close fitting..., but I think it turned out pretty cute for a $5 tee. I've got ideas for Christmas. I also may have ideas to pawn my "goods" to coworkers with kids and try to make a little Christmas cash. I've never done this because I feel like it has to be perfect to charge for it, but there are just enough moms with kids at my school where I think I may get a little business... I sold 4 koozies for $30 the other day :-) Nice! I wish I was brave enough to try and do a website, but not yet.... here are the tees for MK's kids...How sweet will baby James be in his 9-12mo onesie! He's huge and just a few months old. I can't believe it!
What do you think would be cute on a Christmas tee? I'm thinking a Christmas tree or just a big circle with a hook on it like an ornament in pink/ lime green or new fav Christmas combinations.... maybe a snowman? And of course the kids name or initals across the "thing"...tree/ ornament, me so I can have good ideas to go pawn my tees off on the moms!

Maybe I am back on a roll on the blog.... I think I've posted more in the last week than all school year combined :-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bowling Baby

I am the Bowling Coach- I use the term very loosely as I cannot bowl any better than anyone who's reading this. By "Coach" I mean I go to practice, I collect forms, order shirts, eat snacks and say "good job" when appropriate :-) It is a Varsity sport- which makes me laugh... It's very fun and a nice little supplement to my puny teacher pay. William went yesterday for the first time and LOVED it. He blew kisses at the high school guys...not sure if they liked that, but it was pretty funny :-) And he wanted to be right in the mix with the "big" kids....

We're ordering new shirts this week because the ones they used to wear at BHS are yucky...Here are ours....

We're getting Royal.... with our names in royal on the white... Of course mine will say "Coach"

So cool right? Even better...they make a 2T so I'm getting one for William with his name on it.... bet you can't wait for that picture. Wish us luck...we're playing the Independence Eagles today....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

William is just so fun to play with these days. In and out of the tunnels and the tent. Over and over. My knees are killing me, but just look at that face! He is also loving his Lego's- I mean LOVING them. We have one little Lego man and luckily toys r us is having a Lego sale this week so we picked up a small zoo set with animals to hold and another person. He is having so much fun with them. It's funny how he's growing into such a little "person" with likes and dislikes. The best is putting the Lego's together with an animal or a person on top when he's not looking / in the tent and seeing him run over to pull everything apart. :-)

Check him out in this video (sorry it's so dark) right before bed last night... He was throwing pillows and just giggling like crazy when he'd "run into" a pillow :-) Funny baby....

Lastly- check this out all you App State fans....

What a cool Christmas gift idea.... An App State ABC book....sooo cute, right? Here's the web address to order one :-)
If only there was a College of Charleston one....

Friday, October 2, 2009

2 posts in one week...I'm on a roll. I have decided that if William is in a jonjon with a long sleeve shirt (it's finally "fall" here ) he looks like a little baby...put him in pants and a long sleeve t shirt and he could pass for a 3 year old man. He looks soooo big in "big boy" clothes...I'm not sure what I think about this, but man he looks cute as a little boy.... all the ladies should beware :-) Check him out...
He was playing so hard climbing up the green chair and stepping down. Over and over. Getting sweaty at the same time. His own version of step aerobics. His laugh is so contagious and his smile is the best. It makes up for the sweaty little boy smell he gets after playing so hard :-)

video video

We also found a set of 2 collapsible tunnels and 2 tents at Costco and William is in heaven. In and out of the tunnels over and over- if we try to get in the tunnels he thinks it's hilarious. The tent is his own personal hideout. I said tent, because he will get the other tent for Christmas :-) I like to multitask his gifts that way :-) We have the Brentwood Boogie tomorrow morning'll be William's second race. I'm kind of hoping he will get "fussy" in the stroller so I can carry him and not run the whole thing :-) hahaha have a wonderful weekend...I hope it's fall-ish where you are.