Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I now have a big girl table... it only seats 4, but hey there are only 2 most nights at my house- so there's still room for friends- come on over...we love guests! See how you can sit and see the slide in the backyard- too perfect! I'm trying to redo the house into "my own" instead of "ours." Its hard because Chad was the decorater between the two of us, and I'm nervous in the long run I won't still be in the house which makes me sad and hard to know when to change things and when just to wait to see what happens. For now, I am just going to enjoy this table. It is so nice, the wood pattern on the top is gorgeous. The chairs are comfy... I simply love it. Can't wait to have William home tomorrow night and serve him his hot dog, and advocado on the new table!

View from the front door- of course the old table will be gone- I just don't know when Chad will come pick it up....

Saturday, February 12, 2011


We've needed to see some sunshine...don't get me wrong. I love the snow. we've had 9 school days cancelled for snow (which is like 9 free paid days off ) I get so much accomplished, but I need the sun right now. Everything has been so dreary this winter for more reasons than one...so with a high in the low 40s today...but low 60s by Wed WDP and I headed out to enjoy some nice weather. We are so lucky to have so many great local parks...This was his first time to Centennial in Nashville... He woke up and said he wanted to feed ducks so.... Feed ducks we did....I think in this picture he was pointing at Gossie....has anyone read that book? One of our current favs....
The ducks were walking on the ice to get some bread...he gave them half a loaf...of the good stuff! I need to get some "duck bread" if we do this again...

The Parthenon- well a replica of it.
I really wish I was better at pictures- the shadows here were so cool....maybe this summer I'll get around to a photography course.
A by on a mission
It was nice to get a few shots of him looking tiny- he always looks so big- because he is!!! where did my baby go?????
peek a boo behind the doric columns...I even heard a little boy walking by telling his mom what type of columns they were...she said "are you sure?" I told her he was correct and asked him a little more about corinthian columns...I loved my Latin classes- dork alert!
I need one of these benches at the house.... it's a 4 seater but you have conversations face to face- pure genius!
Here's to some good weather in Nashville and hopefully a quick return to Spring!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

We have both been battling a cold. He was out of school 2 1/2 days last week.... I tried to do some crafting with him Sunday when he was feeling better and he wanted all of the "pink" ones (meaning purple) ones all to himself. I would tell him the kids name on the heart and he would pick out foam stickers to put on them. If we came across a purple one it was put on his... all over his. Good thing I made him a Valentine- didn't know if you should make your own kids a Valentine or not, but I did.

He is really into lining up cars and having monster trucks drive over them...and then fling them around...boys are so funny. I neevr knew I'd like having a little boy so much :-)

I love looking back through this blog and seeing funny stories or pictures that I forget about. This is my most recent funny wdp story. William is funny. I know everyone says that, but sometimes he just says things or does something that makes me giggle...for days. The other night he was holding "The Trifecta"...The King, Lightning, and Chicks Hicks....we need all 3 all the time.... So he's holding them and is gently saying "you are my favorite" and giving them kisses. I saw him and said "Oh...I want in on some of those kisses" Meaning I wanted one from him. He thought I meant I wanted to kiss the cars and turned them around for me to kiss. Silly boy.