Friday, September 24, 2010

We went to the zoo for the birds last weekend and *gasp* they were closed!!!! William could not believe it...
Sadness ensued....much drama.... poor buddy!But wait, Super Mommy remembered the "tot lot" and we headed there for some much needed fun and jumping... Happiness finally!
We left and he napped from 10:30 until I woke him up at 3:45.... I will hit the tot lot more often!!!

A side story...we were at the park playing yesterday and they had a "drive thru"/ window thing and I placed an order for a tater tot and then said no wait, I'll have a , umm, ummm...and acted like I couldn't decide and William piped up "diet coke?" Glad he knows what I order at Sonic :-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poor William came home with a fever from school last Thursday, proceeded to throw up that night, felt badly all day Friday and wasn't back to 100% until Sunday.... The worst part is that my Dad and Betsy were coming to visit. We had tickets to Thomas the Train for Saturday and didn't get to go...booooo! We did hit the zoo and my dad's upbringing on a farm came in handy in the goat pen.....

This goat loved being brushed under the chin.....He tried to show WDP how to do it.... William was more interested in having brushes on both hands...two is his new favorite thing...everything...2,2, want 2.... it's pretty funny

We of course spent a little time at the park and WDP went "rock climbing"

William was ALL about Betsy- "Bessie"..... he is so cute saying her name and the two of them are such sweet little buddies :-)

In the meerkat tunnelThe only person WDP liked better than Betsy.... Toby their dog!What I've been up too.....
How cute are these???