Saturday, May 30, 2009

We've been busy

Ahhh, it's summer! I love the smell of sunscreen, the sleeping "in" , well until 6:30 or so, and most importntly not working!!!! let's see my summer will consist of, ....hmmmm.... not much at all- the exact way I LOVE it! the only bad part is that I cannot find time to blog! How do you people do it? before I worked at Vandy, I was bored all day, so I blogged, then I pumped, and blogged (is that TMI???), and then I blogged during my planning and study hall- now I have so much free time, I can't find time to do this- sorry! I will get better at it! To sum things up, we've been busy and tired (the kind of tired where I went to Costco and bought the size too small of diapers- ugh). This picture of William passed out in the back pack is how I fel at the end of a schoo year- just dog tired!

We planned the threw the first of several wedding showers for dear friends over the summer. I should've taken more pics- here's just one of the table (chcoclate strawberries, pasta sald, Hibachi chicken skeewers, hummus, guacamole, nutella cookies, veggies, etc) and the cute cards I put with the food- they matched the tags for the favors (homemade reese cups- which I did not photograph)

I have cleaned 90% of our move the sofa and remove the old gerber puffs from the floor kind of cleaning- all that's left are the closets- yuck! I think we should play a "MTV Cribs" on our blogs- a short 1 or 2 min video clip- show us around your house- what's in your fridge, where your kids play, etc..... what'd you think???? maybe I'll work on that this week....

Here are just some random pictures of WDP, who is now 10 months old by the way- Yeah super baby!!!!!!!

I will post pics and video soon- we've been swimming, planted veggies, WDP "dances", too much to blog about now, I just feel guilty not posting.......

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First words :-)

Well, not too much has been going on around here except for rain, rain, and more rain! It's so hard to find a few dry moments to get outside so William can listen for a dog...Oh yeah, that's right our baby has said his first word...other than's dog. Sounds more like "doa" but it's very intentional. He'll hear a dog bark and then look around very inquisitively and say "doa, doa" We'll pull out the puppy stuffed animals (Puzzle for those of you who know me from way back
:-) ) and it's "doa, doa" The other morning Chad found something called "Puppy Games 2008" on Animal Planet- it was just dogs playing with balls- we didn't really get it, but WDP crawled over to the tv, stood up, smiled and said "Doa, doa" So we tivo-d it....A new standard in our house. Forget Baby Einstein videos, he's all about "doa"... It's a nice break from "Uh-oh" although that's still adorable :-)

I had the big 3-3 birthday. (After 30, it's just not as much fun!)Dad and Bets sent some great flowers, Chad built me a veggie garden plants yet- too wet to plant!... and little William was feeling better from his little virus, which was the best gift of all! My students "surprised" me with a science cake- one had all of their names on it and the other one was of two Earth plates crashing into each other...with peanut m&m's on top :-) perfect for a science teacher!

William's new things: 1) he likes to sit on things, stools, counters, chairs, etc 2) obviously anything remotely related to dogs...which is funny because we don't have a pet 3)running his fingers/ hands over his lips making noises- such a guy! 4) playing inside his awesome toy box (thanks again Chad!) and 5) playing "surprise" of us holds WDP and hides behind a wall- then you lean out to "scare" or say "surprise" to the other person...he laughs...every...time. Every time I tell you!

Oh, and he took 2 steps last week- no video, and he hasn't done it again, but I guess "technically" he took his first steps :-) Yeah little bunny!

Here'sa dress I made for BellRose's second birthday...I kind of think the 2 is too big..... ugh....

Lastly- I noticed I have wrinkles all around my eyes- oh joy!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our little sicky

Oh, poor baby William...he has something. Maybe it's just teething, but he had a fever all day yetserday. We thought it was strange that he slept in until 7:30, but as it turns out he slept most of the day and when he wasn't sleeping he wanted to be held and he'd put his little head on your shoulder.... poor buddy! It was so yucky that we couldn't even take him outside, and you know he loves the outdoors. It has been raining since Thursday...a lot.... So I brought the cozy coupe inside, put some friends in it and we rode around in the house for about an hour. Back and forth from the kitchen to his bedroom. If you'd stop he'd shake the steering wheel...poor guy!

Hopefully today he'll start feeling better, but I won't know because I'm at work. It's days like today that I don't like working. We have our state assessments this week so it's really hard to be out....

Speaking of, I decided to make Good Luck on the Gateways gifts for all my Biology kids...partly because I like them, partly because I knew the other teachers wouldn't make them...isn't that awful of me? Well, I love them! I ordered custom fortune cookies that say "I see a passing Biology Gateway score in your future" or "Mrs. Perry has the best biology students" etc.... Then I dipped them in my new favorite thing- Wilton candy melts- and put sprinkles on them. Everyone gets three in a little bag with their name on it. Of course they're from baby William :-)

I crafted a little this weekend trying to finish up a project for Mary Katherine that I've been working on forever. I have a new ruffler foot for my sewing machine, but couldn't get it to work so I had to make ruffles the old way, using a pleater, but I haven't used it in so long I broke 6 needles- ugh! Oh well. Maybe I'm lucky I have a boy so there will be very few ruffles in my future.... I think the shirts are cute though :-) Hopefully her girls will like them.