Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

William had surgery almost 2 weeks ago- went as well as I'd hoped. They did remove his ear bones (they were dissolved anyway) but put in a titanium replacement. We'll know with later testing how it's working. I've been whispering in his ear and he seems to hear me :-) Not sure how accurate that is. We're going to Mass with MelMel and her family. Chad picks WDP up at 11. Not sure I like the trading thing, but it's a reality now- I need to just get used to it. We have been playing hard with the FisherPrice Nativity and a newer Playmobil one. I've overheard William telling baby Jesus that he has to be careful of the Race Cars- of course everyone goes to his race track to watch Lightning McQueen- "the cars zoom fast. you hold Mary's hand. She is your mommy." What a sweetie. Excited for a fun Christmas Eve- celebrating baby Jesus' bday- william has asked if there will be cupcakes....I think he's anticipating a full on party, bounce house and all :-) Love my sweet baby, I mean big boy. He keeps telling me that :-)