Monday, June 29, 2009

William went for another haircut and totally charmed an entire bridal party of 13 in the process- he's such the ham. Afterwards he would walk right over to them, smile, and then come back to me- he sure does know how to turn it on!!!! Oh, did I mention he's "walking" I mean crawling is our favorite mode of transportation, but he can take 10ish steps in a row- he's fearless, bumping into everything!!!! This picture's not the best, I snapped it with my phone, but I just thought he looked sooo cute :-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

OK, I've been avoiding posting because I haven't posted in a while and the longer you wait, the harder it is! So much has happened..well, not really, but it seems that way when you sit down to blog!

We went to Greenville last week and saw a few old friends...not enough, maybe on the next trip. we also went to Charleston for a few rainy days and didn't get to see nearly enough people, but had some fun times with Polly and her family. On our way home we stopped in BlackMtn to see Sunday and Annie and their beautiful babies (well big kids)...and got to see the long lost Adam Collins for a bit! All we needed was Jessica for the world's greatest playdate! We're now home for a bit and trying to readjust William to a sleeping schedule...ugh.

One thing we did see on our trip was look for dogs- everyday. He would wake up "dog." We would eat "dog." We would go to the pool "Dog." We saw horses at camp Timberlake "Dog." Do you see a theme here? Polly's sister was kind enough to bring her dog over for some dog-love and luckily my dad was babysitting a dog for a few days. Ahh, William's favorite things.

Here are a few recent pictures in no particular order.....

I made jam- lots of jam- want some? It's yummy!

baby's first trip to Charleston- my possibly most favorite city ever!

Chad trying to entertain WDP in the car for the multitude of hours we were driving- he was a champ...most of the time (the baby that is) :-)

Ahh the dogs......

The beach.....

Dinner with Chad's family and our soon-to-be brother in law Michael- many Congrats to Steph and Michael and their upcoming wedding on 7.5...09, yes as in 2 weeks- they just got engaged! How fun!

Touch a truck in Greenville with my dad- you basically got to "touch trucks" boats, trolleys, tractors, etc- way fun, but William was sooo tired!!!!! Please note we tried to match the "transportation" theme by wearing a rocket jonjon- i doubt anyone noticed but me!

The pool....

just some random pics....

our little drummer boy

Now, the countdown is on for the "big party"..well 2 parties actually! We are having one at Chad's mom's on July 19 and one at our house July 25...the theme- cupcakes...that's about all I know so far, I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ashley and Arjun's wedding

One of my good friends from work got married this weekend and Chad and I had the best time going out. William stayed home with Molly and she said he was perfect- not even a whimper when she had to do all the things he doesn't like- getting into the high chair, drying his hair, etc- yeah super baby....

Here are some shots from the wedding- we had so much fun. It was great to get out, get dressed up, and have a date night. yes, Chad is wearing 2 outfits- he wanted to take a change of clothes for the reception...what was I going to say?

the bride...check out her necklace bling- her something borrowed was my most favorite necklace ever :-) thanks again Chad
the yummy had a cool paisley design that matched the invitations

they had a photo booth!!!! You took 6 pictures and then could leave them a strip of photos in an album or take them. We made our way into the photo booth several times :-)

a tired little tiger at the end of the night

she had a candy bar where you could fix a bag of candy for the road- so fun!

another cute kid rocking her mom shoes
all in all a fabulous evening! thanks and Congrats to Ashley and Arjun!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

How cute is he???? last night he wanted to wear his hat backwards and he had sweet potato on his clothes, so we changed into a stunt outfit- how cute is this little boy? Where's my baby????

What a week- we went from being a sicky to very possibly being paci free. He didn't want it when he was sick at the begining of the week and so I've just kind of removed them from visibility. I'm not brave enough to throw them away yet, we may need them, you know, but for now he's slept like a champ for three nights without one- go super baby!

This week involved me hitting the gym pretty hard. I'm going to a new place for the summer- D1 and I love, love, love it! I hate not being in good shape and hopefully my summer will be spent getting back to running and losing the last of the baby William pounds. It feels so good to be sore. I also took a CPR refresher course- have you? You should. I almost cried when they taught the infant CPR- what if I had to do it? Could I? Hmmm, hopefully I never will need to know, but it was good to go over the basics just in case. And if you haven't had CPR in a while they've changed when you call 911 for babies and kids- you call after you do five rounds of 30 compressions and 2 breaths, well, you call after if you're alone. Very interesting....

It is so nice to be on break and relax, meet friends for lunch, organize things around the house- it makes 9 months of waking up super early for work worth it :-) oh, and planning my trip to Greenville/ Charleston- yep, I'm going to come for a visit week after next. Can't wait! Hopefully we'll get to swing thrugh the Blue Ridge Mtns and see Sunday, Annie, Margarita, and Paula...Now if I can only get through the ever growing list of sewing projects (gifts, birthday outfits, reusable shopping bags, etc) I need to do!!!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Someone doesn't feel too well

OK, WDP is sick- I'm not sure what kind of sick he is, but Poor. Little. Buddy. We're going to the doctor later this morning. All day yesterday he was a fussy buddy. Last night he lost it when it was time to have his bottle and then it was on.... Oh, the crying. Oh, the saddness. Even walking in the cul de sac looking at dogs didn't help. He now has bumps all over, so off to Dr. Leepers we go! Let's hope I'm a nervous new mom and it's nothing but a fussy baby. Wish us luck.......

Update: #1 Our pediatrician is #1- I heart him and he never makes me feel silly about going in for a little rash or when something's just "not right." - like today. #2 WDP has hand, foot, mouth disease- sounds gross right? The doctor said kids get it all the time- and he has sores in his mouth which is why the drool faucet turned on last week and why he won't take a bottle or paci- maybe we'll try a cup tonight? #3- Luckily, no antibiotics- just a little T Cell and B Cell love from his immune system- We should be good as new in a few days!