Monday, October 31, 2011

Well, I was really going to try and keep this updated....

Soccer is going well. WDP's loving it. We moved to a new house in Nashville- Rainbow Place is our street name- pretty prophetic I'd say :-) I love it. It's just a little rental but it has a great yard- William's swingset is there and the neighbors are great. It'll be a nice place to start rebuilding for the two of us.- Oh and it's only 5 minutes from work- gotta love that! Speaking of my job- it is amazing. I say it's Disney World for teachers.

William has had an ear infection since his 3year old checkup...we have antibiotics almost every 12 days :-( We tried going in for tubes. The ENT discovered a congenital cholesteatoma. We're having surgery Dec 9 to remove it. The hearing bones may come out with it. He is essentially deaf in the right ear. Hearing may return when the choleteatoma is removed- they're not sure. The surgeon we're seeing is apparently "the guy" for these and he's conveniently located in Nashville- yeah!

William and I went to the symphony Saturday morning. My first time in the Nashville Symphony . He loved it...and as soon as he saw the restroom he decided to go "poopie" and wanted some "piewiasee"....privacy.... this kid loves to poop in nice places...ahhh, love my little boy!!!!