Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend part 2

Well Chad and I had fun last night- well, he "worked" I sat and listened with our good friends Shawn and Vanessa. All in all it was fun- You know you love his wig!

Here are the pictures of Anna's party dress for the big 3. Of course this year we had to have a matching outfit for sweet baby Katie.....

Our yard is starting to come along. I have been inspired by Sunday's stories of working in her yard and we planted some new grass and bought all of the bushes to landscape one side of the yard- it's the digging of holes that I'm not too excited about- neither is Chad. You'll have to keep checking back for the "new Perry yard." I keep thinking if we don't do this before baby William arrives it'll never get finished!

I did take one pregnant picture for those of you that keep asking for them- 6months down, 3 more to go!!!!!

Last exciting moment of the weekend- dinner! I cooked- for once- and made one of my top five favorite meals- Chicken Divan with yummy rice and to top it off I made a Charlie Norwood poundcake- well that's what the Rutherfords call it- Chad and I call it the "prize winning Williamson County Fair pound cake" because I won first place (blue ribbon and SIX dollars) with the recipe two years ago- yum!!!!!

OK, so I am still new to the blog thing and tried to upload three pictures- I don't know how to arrange the photos to make sense with what I type- maybe I can figure it out this week at work...... So sorry the photos are in a weird order and in a weird spot!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today was a sew-a-thon. I always cut out lots of projects, buy lots of great fabric, and then it takes a while for me to finish my projects. Today I made three adorable outfits for three good friends..... I love this fabric and wish ot was a little more boyish for baby William- too bad, it's all gone now. I hope these pals will enjoys having their tots in one of my favorite fabrics. the only bad part is that you can't put their names on it....too busy.
the sew-a-thon continued with 6 pairs f h=shorts for various friends, I monogrammed 6 t-shirts, made 2 bibs, 2 burbcloths, one onsie, another bubble and another dress- it sounds like a lot, but when it's already cut out..... it's not too bad. Oh and I made a 3rd birthday party dress for Anna and a matching little sister outfit- will post soon after they've been washed- super cute!

Tonight Chad's playing in town- finally! I haven't seen him play in forever. I will try to take some pictures tonight of him- it should be funny. Check out their website- He's the drummer in the white/black wig (yes, they dress up)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The beginning of an adventure

OK, OK here's my blog, well our blog although I'm fairly certain Chad will not be keeping it up to date :-) Just be fore-warned it will probably not be that interesting. Like today the most exciting thing that happened- well, there are 4:

1) I made 2 more pillows for baby William's nursery reading corner

2) I had to go to a work lecture at the library, apparently you have to pay to leave. I didn't have any money so the parking attendant just said she'd write "no money" on my ticket and let me
leave without paying

3) Chad had an embedded tick on his ankle I had to help him get out

4) I despise slugs, as in I like to keep a salt barrier around the front door to prevent them. I pressure washed the front steps on Sunday and did not reinstate the salt barrier, tonight there were probably 15 yucky,unlucky slugs, so I had to salt them and kill them. I know it's mean, but they should learn not to come near my house....

See- what an exciting life I lead!

Chad has lovingly nickname our new family The Perry Trio. We will be a twosome for exactly 3 months and one more day- then our trio will begin- what an adventure! So if you want to read about our weekly excitement- it's not always as great as today- I will try to start blogging our lives away. Hopefully more excitment will come our way as July 25 gets closer. I think I'm ready.... as long as the slugs stay away.