Monday, August 30, 2010

William was so sweet and said "Moma no work" this morning- at 5:15 when he got up right after me- I think my shower woke him up... Sweet buddy! I wish I could stay home- we have such great fun on the weekends....
Just a few pics....
WDP modelling a tote bag for Halloween candy... see more of my new designs here
Just being silly in the yard.... he loves running "real fast mama, real fast" :-)

We went to Dragon Park and he kept looking in the "tunnel" and told me someone was in there... it's so cool to see him start imagining things!
You can tell my excercise ball stays outside for him, not me :-) At least someone uses it!

We went to the zoo with sweet Finn and Becky. The elephants were sooo close! A perfect day!

I can't decide how to get better lighting outside if it's not so bright.... hmmm, still learning the new camera!
I told WDP to give me a silly face and this is what I got :-)

Friday, August 27, 2010

So I made cupcakes...lots of cupcakes. Coach Norris works with me at school and is "that" cynical teacher every school has, but is secretly really funny... So I made cupcakes for his birthday. The best part.... Nutella buttercream filling! Nutella buttercream you say, oh yes! I've been dreaming of it for a while...Just make your fav buttercream and add a jar of nutella. Beat really well until it's fluffy. Then I just used a wide tip and poked it into the cupcakes so everyone would have a surprise when they bit into the cake
I also love my toppers. Melanie is the queen of cupcake toppers and labels, so I gave it a try...not too bad for my first try. I love this pic of the cupcake in the electronic chemical balance :-)

I also did a few "Happy Friday!" cupcakes for some sweet teachers I know. I wish you guys worked with me....I would bring treats more often!

Monday, August 23, 2010

we are still here....

We're still here...just staying busy. A few pics so you'll see how my little baby is now a full fledged boy... I have a post on his birthday, but the pictures are at home and I have never time at home to load them - sigh- WDP could not be any sweeter... I am still reading y'all's blogs, just not commenting - most "visual verification" things are blocked at school- booo! We've been to the fair, got my annual "WDP in a huge tractor pic", etc...I got a new camera- my pictures are starting to come along.... any pointers???

getting a much needed hair cut from my friend Amanda :-)

Fair fun...

Friday Night Lights...I took WDP to the stadium Friday night before the game so he could play and he LOVED every minute of it... I heard lots of "more girls" the whole next day and "boys throw fast" cute!

Here's one where I caught him mid "dance"- he LOVED watching the cheerleaders before the game started :-)

My sewing pictures are coming along over here to see more :-)

And lastly a HUGE "Way to go!!!!" to my friend Courtney. She quit her "day" job to work full time on her party planning and entertaining blog Pizzazzerie and is doing AMAZING! She's been all over our local tv station, in magazines, featured on other blogs, a Martha Stewart "Dreamers into Doers" I am just so proud of her for taking a risk to do something she loves and even more so because she is doing so well at it!!! Yeah Courtney!!!! Check her out- she has party ideas that are actually do-able and still fabulous!!!!!