Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week 5-lots of pics!

So I apologize for not posting much last week..we were pretty busy and honestly I just didn't get around to it. I am starting back to work this week- well sort of. William will start going to Miss Nicole's for daycare this week and I am filling my week with appointments and getting all of my school stuff together. Hopefully I'll find time to post once or twice a week. I'm going to try!!!

Chad and I looked back at "old" pictures yesterday- he's just changing so much, we can't believe it! He now has a super sweet double chin and is getting a chubby belly- I love it! We're convinced he's longer too, but we'll have to wait until our doctor appointment to confirm our suspicions...

William has started to smile- real smiles, not gas smiles! He'll only give you one every so often, but they will melt your heat! Chad likes to take this blue pillow we have that's squishy and roll it over his feet and tummy and stop right before the head and kind of sing "Steamroller" by James Taylor- it gets a smile 90% of the sweet! He also likes when you hold his arms Frankenstein style and kind of shake them and say "OHHH Monster baby".... someone's ready for Halloween!

This week we went to a birthday party for our friend Shawn- they played Guitar Hero and William just slept and drank a bottle the whole time. I'm glad loud things/places don't really phase him... he did smile and giggle, but it was when Shawn's mom was telling us about someone's accident and how they can't move their legs and can only be off the ventilator for a few hours- he just cracked up and giggled four or five times. Not the best timing, but it lightened the party mode.... and it was adorable- I've never heard him laugh that much when he's awake! Here he is at the party "sleeping"- he kept doing these funny arm things :-)

We met Molly at PeiWei- of course he loved some Molly time! (He did poop on this outfit and it won't come out- even though we have a new washer!) That seems to be his thing these days- poop and stain. Maybe he's bored with the 0-3 and wants to start wearing new things.... But our new washer is fabulous- it's soo quiet- gotta love that!

Last but not least I wish I took better pictures. looking at everyone else's blog I wish I was a better photographer! Why did I not take a photograph class in college instead of ..I don't know distance running, water safety, soccer, horseback riding- the list goes on and on of silly classes I took! Or maybe I could've taken some classes just once like Physics (three times) or Chemistry (twice)....ugh! My advice for new moms- take a photography class while you're pregnant!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

One month down

I cannot believe it's been a month since William was born!!! It just seems like we've always had him. Chad and I are both falling into the parent routine pretty well- especially for getting up every three hours for the last month! I thought he was getting bigger, but never would I have imagined how much weight he has gained in just the past two weeks. We went to the doctor Friday because he's been fussy, had these crazy bumps on his face and upper back, and we thought maybe it was a reaction to some medicine he's taking for thrush- all in all he's fine, we're not tasking the thrush medicine, but the big news was that he's jumped from the 75th percentile to the 97th in just two weeks!!! That's right he went from 9lbs 6oz to 11lbs and either 5 or 15 oz..I can't remember!, but regardless that's a lot of milk this baby has been putting down- go baby William! No wonder he's outgrowing all of his clothes! What a one month birthday surprise to hear how well he's growing!

he's so cute when he sleeps- he broke out of the swaddle and was twisting in this picture... I'm glad the flash doesn't wake him :-)

To celebrate his big birthday we went downtown to the Dragon Boat Festival- we got there right at the end, but it looked pretty cool. There were teams like the Pirates of the Cumberland (the river that runs through Nashville), the Pie-Rats, and the Slosh Bucklers. Pretty funny. They had team chants and decorated boats. Maybe next year we'll catch more racing.

The family at the river front- just a few weekends ago at the fair you couldn't see his head above the pouch!

We walked down to Boot Country to kill some time- no boots for baby William quite yet. Then we met up with Stacy who was sweet enough to ditch her recommendation letter writing fest :-) to come meet us at Las Palettas. This time it was Plum for me and Strawberry Pineapple for Chad- both were amazing! To top off the birthday bash we went looking fr a new washing machine (ours is getting a workout with all of the baby things- how does someone so small dirty so many things???) and met Brian and Rebecca for dinner at maniacs- what a day!!! Just wait until Month 2 birthday rolls around- oh that's shot day at the doctor, we probably will not celebrate!

Month 1 has been such a sweet time with the baby- I can't wait to see how much he changes in the next four weeks.... maybe he'll be sleeping for a five hour stretch at night by then :-)

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure

he loves to twist around in the swing before he gets buckled in

I'm glad chopped me out of the picture, well my head at least.... hmmm

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4 weeks tomorrow!

I can't believe it was 4 weeks ago tonight that we went to the hospital to have baby William. he's just getting so big and time is flying by so quickly! His new favorite thing to do- or the thing I like to do because it makes him not fussy is blow dry his hair. Today I even went and bought a second hairdryer to keep downstairs for him. he loves you to get his hair damp and blow dry it- he just sits there and looks right into the dryer- it's cute...

Here's a few pictures in the outfit wore home from the hospital (thanks again Kack!). We put him in it last night after drying his hair and his legs are so long they stick out the bottom of the gown- You can't tell me he's not adorable and snuggly in it!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just another day...

Today was just another normal day, but they're starting to go by so quickly- he's getting too big too fast! My friend Christian stopped by to see the baby and he even commented on how much bigger baby William is since we left the hospital- how do they change so fast??? Christian did stop and bring us Dippin' Dots- the ice cream of the future- yum! Thanks Christian! William fell asleep on me so we don't have any pictures of the two of them- so sad!

Christian's visit to see our little "scholar"down in Franklin

Speaking of baby William falling asleep on me- he did the unthinkable- he has the really cute way of "smiling" at you right before he goes number 2. Most of the time you can hear it. Stay with me after Christian left, Chad and I heard it, giggled about it and then I felt like it was on me and thought "surely not." Well- surely it was- yuck! I mean all over me, like I ended up taking a shower all over me. All I kept thinking was that 1) Chad had offered to hold him right before this happened (should've taken him up on the offer) and 2) seriously, did he just poop on me? Good thing he's the cutest baby in the world- i didn't mind taking an extra shower.... ah, the life of a new mom!

He's outgrown a few more outfits- after the blowout Chad changed him into a funny onsie from Shawn and Vanessa- way too small! I can't believe it! We're going to try and convert his small onsies into t-shirts. Maybe he's just long and lean like Michael Phelps...
Please note the snaps don't even come to where the diaper begins...

We went to our new favorite restaurant- Tossed (it's this great build your own salad place) and I finally took a picture of the way he likes to ride in the car seat-

pretty cute huh? We try to reposition his head and he moves whatever you prop him up on until he can slump over- Oh well!

Lastly, he loves listening to Chad play the guitar- better the guitar than the drums, at least for now anyways! It's so cute! Today I swear he was dancing as Chad strummed James Brown- our little Soul Street baby (that's my favorite station on XM).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life with William

Life at home with mom gets pretty boring, unless we have a fun visitor (like Courtney on Friday..thanks for the wonderful pound cake!!!)

To say the least, William was excited to have Chad around all day today. We decided to take an adventure to Las Paletas- the popsicle shop in Nashville. I've been wanting to go and saw a special on Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network about the shop, so we went today. To say the least I can't believe I've gone my whole life without one of these ice pops! They are unbelievable!!! I had nectarine, Chad had honeydew- both were excellent! They have crazy flavors like pineapple with chile pepper. The menu is constantly changing. So here is my open invitation- come visit me in Nashville and I will take you to my new favorite place to eat!

William is starting to really like mirrors, his playmat, and baths- well not really "liking" baths, but he doesn't scream too much during them. (Check out his fro in the top picture...he LOVES having his hair dried with the blow dryer- it's so puffy after it's washed- I love it!) We've been bathing him on the kitchen counter, but his belly button fell off tonight so we'll move to the tub tomorrow! Here are just a few pictures of him being cute.... I can't believe how big he's getting!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Last night was a big night for baby William...or "master William" as my dad calls him... he slept in the crib all night. By "slept" I mean when he was sleeping, he was in the crib and not on the Murphy Bed with us- a huge step! We've been trying to make the switch over to the crib and it's been a struggle. I'd like to think that he was so excited to be sleeping in the crib he gave us the "touchdown" sign :-) but really he had broken free from the swaddle. We thought it was cute!

He's getting so big- he's outgrown three or four outfits already. He's so long I think I'm going to cut the feet out of some of his pjs and hem them because his feet are too long, as are his legs. I don't know if that idea will work, but if not we have to give away the outfits anyway ...I'll post pictures of his "custom outfits if it works out.
GOOOO Dawgs!!- this will be the last time for this outfit- it will hardly snap he's too long!

Another cute picture for your viewing pleasure.....
It's so cute when he gets tired and fights going to sleep....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

County Fair

William ended his big week with a trip to the County fair- it was one of those odd summer days with low humidity and the temperature was only 85- which is a dream come true in August! So we headed out to the Ag center to catch some Hog racing, Ultimate Air Dog Show (we missed it) BMX biking, Little Ones Farming, and other fair fun. We thought William would just love all the action. As you can see from the pictures it was so exciting he slept almost the entire time! We took pictures of him "doing" activities- maybe next year he'll be more excited! BioTN exhibit.... for my little future scientist :-)

His sun hat is an XS and still a touch too big...

Checking out the John Deere display

Little Ones Farming Exhibit

Having fun on the Midway

baby William checking out the TX longhorn champion

The Hogway Midway- Hog, goat & duck racing

On another note, he's moved up to 3.5oz per feeding- such a hearty eater! We're trying to put him to sleep in the crib tonight...keep your fingers crossed that it works well. he slept for about 20minutes today, until his diaper leaked. We moved up to size 1 from newborn, but the size 1s are soo big on his skinny waist and legs, but newborns are too tight- what a dilemma! I have to go to work tomorrow and could use the rest tonight! It's the first day of school and I'm going to meet all of my students and the long term sub. I won't go back for good until Sept 8, when he starts daycare- so sad!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Big Week

William's had lots of adventures this week- first babysitter, first doctor appointment (he gained a pound!), and lots of adventures ...that's what Chad and I call running errands with him. You never know what will happen with a baby while you're out so even a trip to target becomes an adventure. I did pull over today in a parking lot and change his diaper- I guess I'm officially a mom. He's gone out to dinner twice- Demo's last weekend and Mickey Roo's BBQ yesterday- a perfect angel both times! Chad's mom and Dwayne are here, so he's getting some "Grandmom and Pops" time in too. We went up to the high school where I used to work for a quick visit- everyone loved him (I think it's the fact that he's quiet and the hair, everyone loves the hair!). Whew- what a big week- here are a few pics....
I've been checking myself out in the mirror....

My new favorite face I was so brave at the doctor's office- even though they made me take off my cute outfit and just chill in the diaper- yuck! A little Pops and Grandmom time....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

No news, just a few pictures

Is this not the sweetest picture?
Just chilling in my bouncy seat A little daddy time
Love my suck time with the paci

I love my Molly time!!!!
So happy with Molly! Channeling my inner Yoda
I've discovered slipping in my boppy- nice!
More Boppy time
My first trip to a restaurant- Demo's downtown Nashville- yum!

Love daddy time
Chad obviously needs more sleep.....