Monday, March 30, 2009

A new adventure

I have to start the post with William in his toy box- so cute!!!! Chad put him in there Saturday morning and he was sooo happy :-)
Two big new things for baby william...

1) We are trying "table" food...meaning I give him bread crust or a cracker or rice cakes...he LOVES it! It makes going out to eat a little easier- give him a stick of bread and he's happy for 20 min... :-) We were at mellow mushroom and I ordered tortilla soup and it came with a side of sliced advocado and William gummed it all down! I need to try and find a few other things for him to try. Crackers are so messy....

2) We went yard saling on saturday trying to find a plastic yard thingy- little tikes-ish thing for the yard. I. will. NOT. pay. full. price. My new motto. Seriously, they are so expensive and we won't use it for very long....Someone some where has to have one of these things...but I digress, that's another post.... Anyway at the yardsale we bought a walker for $ it's not the plan toys wodden woodpecker walker that I dream about...that's $80...but he loves it. He is "walking" and by walking I mean putting all of his weight on the walker and going until he runs into something :-) It's pretty cute. He bumps into something and whines until you move him.

I am cleaning house and while I admire Jessica for having a yard sale...I am having a Craigslist sale. Craigslist is huge in Nashville and anything I've listed has always sold so let's hope this "sale" ogoes just as well. really it's just baby stuff. we're only having William so it's kind of nice to clean house once they've outgrown some things...I pulled out the baby einstein playmat and although he towers over it he had so much fun with it - I can't believe how big he is!!!! I kind of feel badly selling it, but I know he'll be bored with it before it sells :-)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Da-da yes! Ma-ma no way!

You might be thinking...what is he playing on? is that a new, no, it's his bouncy. He drinks his milk in it every morning, but yesterday I turned around and he'd flipped around and was standing in it making it bounce/ rock. Chad was right there so he wouldn't fall...but I guess someone is getting too big to sit in the "baby" bouncy....

Yesterday WDP was completely content to hang with me until Chad came home. Then mom was the worst ever and he couldn't get enough of Chad.... He loves Chad to roll him around on the excercise ball (which we've yet to use for excercise :-)
Chad needed to shower after work and WDP started to sob, I mean hysterically crying at the bathroom door....of course I had to take pictures....

Then I let him into the bathroom and he wanted to be right up on the tub getting wet as long as he could see Chad...

Funny baby. I hope he kind of likes me today. But if he doesn't I can work on the one million sewing projects I have that are backing this one. It's going to be William's Easter jonjon- what do you think? PS- I know his overalls are too tight/ too short. I was trying to let him wear them one last time- obviously a bad idea....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I know it's been a few days since my last post..... We've been busy.

First- don't laugh, but I went to the NKOTB concert and it was AWESOME! I felt like a teenager all over again- I was almost embarrassed how excited I was- it was a thrity year old fest- all thirty somethings reliving an early teenage dream. It was so fun!

Next- I left William for the first time. I went to the National Science Teacher Association conference in New Orleans. I had a poster to present " Exploring Kingdom Protista using Soft Lithography teachniques"- dorky right? and had a presentation on a research program I did at Vandy a few years ago. I was surprised that people came and got positive feedback, so I guess it was a success.... NOLA was so fun- amazing food and the city made me miss Charleston soo bad.... I love old architecture! I missed Chad and William, but it was nice to relax...a little... but I was ready to come home. To be gone Wed- Sun is a long time from a sweetie baby!
WDP and Chad had their first "road gig" to Atlanta. He did MUCH better in the car and pretty well in Atlanta. Big thanks to William and Emily for helping Chad out!

William's had a few rough nights, it's not teething, maybe it's his food. Can babies all of a sudden get upset tummies from food they've been eating for a few weeks? I don't know. Hopefully things will settle back down ...and soon :-) eight months- can you believe it????

Oh and here's the best news that will prove I am your dorkiest friend....I met Bill Nye the Science Guy!!!! Got a cool pic with him in my lab coat. He even commented on my self proclaimed title "Science Princess"- it's monogrammed on my lab coat. So fun! My friend Ashley was invited to a Disney Imagineers party at the conference and he was there :-) A science teacher's dream come true!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It had to happen

Our sweet baby, our nice baby, our happy baby threw his first fit last night. And it was a big one. he wants to chew on our cellphones and I took it away last night because excess droll + electronics does not equal safety, so no phone for baby William and he got mad...really mad. Chad and I looked at each other like "what do we do now?" We just ignored him and tried to distract him with other toys to no avail. is that what you're "supposed" to do? We have no idea. Any ideas from you????

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shoes and Swings

What a weekend! It was one of those "to die for" weather weekends- we opened up all the windows- ahhhh so nice! We went back to the park and William could not get enough of it. He's really liking people watching and squealed a few times in the swing. He was in the jonjon I made and not to brag but he looked soooo cute!!!!

William got his first pair of shoes this weekend- some adorable baby Merrell's- He looks like such a little boy in them.... He wasn't too sure about something on his feet, but as the day went on he was into it :-) I think he looks very "big boy" in shoes.

Chad was dressing him Sunday morning and pulled out lots of his "summer" clothes which barely fit now- ugh! I shouldn't have bought so much when I was pregnant! But it was on sale....oh well! He has a huge Spring wardrobe. My friend Ashley picked up an Elvis onesie at Graceland this summer...could it get any cuter? Well it could...he looked better in pants and the onesie- it's a little snug, but this was the only picture I get the idea. William is just becoming such an independent little boy- it's fun to watch!

One of his new favorite things to do is play music with Chad- drums, guitar, keyboard- you name it. I am personally hoping he will favor the mandolin, but for now it's all fun to watch and hear...well except for the drums :-)

I haven't blogged much about his new toybox- but I have been meaning too- I saw the cutest toybox in the Land of Nod catalog and told Chad "I want this" and with Chad being so resourceful he built one that was bigger and better and custom fit to the spot where we were going to put it. I LOVE it. Almost as much as I love our bedroom furniture- he made that too because I got mad at the rude lady at Restoration Hardware- long story- anyway, WDP likes to explore inside the side with the bookshelf and the left side is just a big bin. He grabs the side and peers over the edge. It's cute to see that he knows where the toys are :-) Handy hubbys are the best! Now on to sandbox building!

I have been working on my chocolate piping- I made cupcakes for Christian's 29th surprise party. He was surprised and the cupcakes turned out quite cute if I do say so myself!

We thought we would ignore the time change and gave him bottles at the "normal" time and he adjusted great to that so last night we thought we'd run to Target and on the way home which was early... WDP was singing and babbling in the back and then all of a sudden he was asleep- I mean out cold. His rings were still in his hands, he just passed out. I think that's the sign of a fun weekend when you just pass out from being tired mid-song on a Sunday night :-)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Well, it's official, Chad and I have been married for four years today- he put up with me being pregnant and tired..then me with a newborn, new job, and tired- he's the best. I can't believe it's been four years since we walked down the "aisle" in LasVegas- it's one of my students favorite stories about me. They hear Vegas and think 1) how can my dorky science teacher be cool enough to get married in Vegas and 2) we eloped- nope, just a fun destination wedding.

I loved my dress- it was cheap, and it was the first one I tried on and I loved it...I still do. If it would fit I would wear it today! The day was perfect...except windy :-)

We had awesome invitations from Hatch Show print- the same cool place that did WDP's baby announcements. This one is framed in the living room.... We had some family and some friends on board to help us say "I do."
Elvis, yes, an Elvis married us, kept calling Chad by his last name and I was too embarrassed to correct him so I said I Jennifer take you Perry and people laughed. If I had to do it all over again I would marry Perry :-) again in Vegas exactly as we did. So fun to remember that day....I can't wait to tell WDP all about it when he's older.

why is this picture tiny, but the rest are large???? sometimes I do not like blogger....

I love you Chadwick! you are the best and most handsome husband I could have- in your tux or sleeping with the baby... you are my dreamboy. Happy 4th Anniversary!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The End of Winter

So even though we had a little snow Saturday night...not enough to close school :-(...I feel like it's the beginning of Spring. This weekend it's supposed to be in the mid 70s even though today the high is 36. I think we're going to try and take baby to the zoo :-) Our daffodils are starting to come up...if you remember we moved our picket fence and now have a line of daffodils in our front yard, where the fence used to be. can you move bulbs? Anyone know? Anyway....

We went to the pool again yesterday with my friend Aya and her baby Sanai. Isn't she adorable? William loved his first "date."

I've started working on WDP's Spring "wardrobe." I can't believe I'm making size 12 mo and having to add 2-3 inches in torso length- he's soo big! Here's one jonjon and another for our friend baby Chesson. Sica I want to make Wyatt some, but Spring is sooo far away for you...I promise I will when it's closer to shorts weather! I think we'll wear lots of these this summer- won't he be a cutie with this and no shirt playing in the sandbox we haven't built yet? :-)

look how tight his pants are...and how short! last time for these :-)

William is typically sleeping soo much better these days, except for last night. he had such a rough night from about 12:30 on- do you think it could've been his dinner? He had asparagus for the first time. Any ideas? he is starting to laugh when we brush our teeth- I'm trying to get him used to seeing a toothbrush so he'll want to use one. His new teeth are so sweet. Aren't you supposed to start brushing them???

look closely and you can see the baby teeth :-)

Lastly, we have a wheely bug that I splurged on at the end of my pregnancy...I think if pregnancy lasted for 8mo then he would have way fewer toys :-) I was bored last June...Anyway...Chad has started pushing him on it and it's so fun I could cry.... In one he is doing fairly well, the other one, he takes a fall, but it's sweet :-) He's into wearing his bibs backwards like a cape these days :-)

Happy week to you and bring on the Spring here in Tennessee!