Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

William had surgery almost 2 weeks ago- went as well as I'd hoped. They did remove his ear bones (they were dissolved anyway) but put in a titanium replacement. We'll know with later testing how it's working. I've been whispering in his ear and he seems to hear me :-) Not sure how accurate that is. We're going to Mass with MelMel and her family. Chad picks WDP up at 11. Not sure I like the trading thing, but it's a reality now- I need to just get used to it. We have been playing hard with the FisherPrice Nativity and a newer Playmobil one. I've overheard William telling baby Jesus that he has to be careful of the Race Cars- of course everyone goes to his race track to watch Lightning McQueen- "the cars zoom fast. you hold Mary's hand. She is your mommy." What a sweetie. Excited for a fun Christmas Eve- celebrating baby Jesus' bday- william has asked if there will be cupcakes....I think he's anticipating a full on party, bounce house and all :-) Love my sweet baby, I mean big boy. He keeps telling me that :-)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Well, I was really going to try and keep this updated....

Soccer is going well. WDP's loving it. We moved to a new house in Nashville- Rainbow Place is our street name- pretty prophetic I'd say :-) I love it. It's just a little rental but it has a great yard- William's swingset is there and the neighbors are great. It'll be a nice place to start rebuilding for the two of us.- Oh and it's only 5 minutes from work- gotta love that! Speaking of my job- it is amazing. I say it's Disney World for teachers.

William has had an ear infection since his 3year old checkup...we have antibiotics almost every 12 days :-( We tried going in for tubes. The ENT discovered a congenital cholesteatoma. We're having surgery Dec 9 to remove it. The hearing bones may come out with it. He is essentially deaf in the right ear. Hearing may return when the choleteatoma is removed- they're not sure. The surgeon we're seeing is apparently "the guy" for these and he's conveniently located in Nashville- yeah!

William and I went to the symphony Saturday morning. My first time in the Nashville Symphony . He loved it...and as soon as he saw the restroom he decided to go "poopie" and wanted some "piewiasee"....privacy.... this kid loves to poop in nice places...ahhh, love my little boy!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


GOAL!!!! We had WDP's first soccer game Saturday. One word- adorable. Loved it. He loved it- it was awesome!Seriously- I'm not bragging but he's good- 5 goals- 2 for the other team but 3 for his :-) They asked if we were "athletic" um, not a word I think of when I think of myself these days but sure :-)
Peer pressure at it's finest...a kid sat on their ball, WDP needed to too :-)

I'm trying to get back into blogging- we've been busy- my new job at Harpeth Hall is A-Maz-Ing. It's the Disney World for teachers. I could not be any luckier!!! William is huge- off the charts for height. he is going on week 9 of an ear infection. We go back for the "tubes talk" Mon Sept 19- wish us luck. Another big day is coming up too- Sept 27. Never thought I'd be ready to have the divorce finalized but it will be Sept 27. Not sure what to say about that. For now I'll focus on best job ever and WDP- cutest soccer player ever :-)

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm in love...

with this bag....ohhhhh sooo much!!!! I cannot wait until it comes in.... just look at my new camera bag...yes, camera bag- even though it looks like a cute purse!
I found it through the eighteen25's found at fully customizable with different foam inserts.... oh get here quickly. I will be the cutest walking around with this and then whipping out my new camera to get some action shots of wdp.... yeah!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's official- Spring is here...WDP had on shorts this weekend and we opened up the sandbox from it's winter storage.... Chesson, Wyatt...playdate???

Thursday, March 10, 2011

TN has been rainy- not like "flood rainy" like last year, just regular ol' spring rain. It just seems like a lot because we are both soo ready to be outside for spring/ summer... Today was 65ish but it had rained all afternoon and when we returend from the grocery store he was begging to play outside....
We had 2 really good puddles in the front yard by the walkway (don't look at how yucky the yard looks!) WDP would start in the back corner and just take off running for the puddles and then...
SPLASH!!!!!! even the mower got in on the muddy fun...

He was covered in mud- the kind of "straight to the bathtub mud and then mommy has to clean the tub" dirty. He loved it. It was so fun to see him just being all boy....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I now have a big girl table... it only seats 4, but hey there are only 2 most nights at my house- so there's still room for friends- come on over...we love guests! See how you can sit and see the slide in the backyard- too perfect! I'm trying to redo the house into "my own" instead of "ours." Its hard because Chad was the decorater between the two of us, and I'm nervous in the long run I won't still be in the house which makes me sad and hard to know when to change things and when just to wait to see what happens. For now, I am just going to enjoy this table. It is so nice, the wood pattern on the top is gorgeous. The chairs are comfy... I simply love it. Can't wait to have William home tomorrow night and serve him his hot dog, and advocado on the new table!

View from the front door- of course the old table will be gone- I just don't know when Chad will come pick it up....