Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We had our first playdate...I mean we "play a lot" but this time William had someone come over and he shared toys...big step for us!!!! We "cooked" popsicles as he likes to say.... WDP devoured his, like his momma. Brody took his sweet time licking and enjoying his :-)Not sure what they were talking about, but it was funny to them :-)I had the "brilliant" idea to make cookies with them. I think there are still sprinkles in the house.... Brody was more into eating the dough, william was into eating the sprinkles... boys. I thought it was a good idea. I made the dough. Scooped it into balls and gave each a tray with one cookie ball at a time.... maybe when they're older....My little Bobby FlayWe went Bowling with Brody Saturday morning and his little buddy teegan. Here's WDP giving him a high 5 after knocking down a few pins. They were so cute. Whenever we go bowling WDP wants to wear his bowling shirt from my high school and asks the other kids "where your bowling shirt?" I guess he thinks everyone's mom is a Varsity "coach" hahahaha William is going to start spending Sun night- Tuesday night with his dad. It breaks my heart. I know it's only one extra night, but still. I feel defeated. I miss him already so much when he's gone...c'est la vie I guess.... sigh

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


melt my heart...not this snow. we're on our third snow day this week tomorrow and it has been awesome! Chad had William Sunday night until Tuesday night so they did all the fun "snow" stuff and while I am slightly jealous...I had 2 days- two.whole.days. all to myself. I mean- do you know how much you can get finished (how many lifetime totally pointless movies you can watch) sewing, cleaning, sleeping - you can do a lot in 2 days. I even squeezed in time for...get this...a massage and a facial (I have the coolest friend who got it as a gift from her hubs a while back and they moved to Denver before she could use it- the best regift ever!) But about today around 3 I missed WDP. I was ready for him to come home. He did and we hugged, played cars, did mom and boy things (monster truck races, tickle, a little Disney Clubhouse) He was just crying in the bed and I went in, rubbed his back and he sat up and just hugged me so tight. I almost cried. He is just soo sweet to me. I love my little guy. Before he laid back down he told me "Mommy and Willy cook popsicles" meaning he'll pour th juice into the mold little helper. He just melts my heart....

Friday, January 7, 2011

monster trucks

Boys are funny. Why do they like trucks? Anything truck related...I have not "pushed" trucks on William but he likes them soooo much....There's a monster truck rally coming to Nashville and I couldn't see spending $45 for us to go (ridiculous, no?) but he loves trucks so much.... I saw on the morning news that some Monster trucks would be on display around town so I thought this would be a fun/ cheap truck thing to do. He was so excited....we got there. The truck was HUGE. He was scared.
WDP: "No get out Mommy. Stay in car"
Me: " We drove 30 min. Let's just get out. I'll hold you."
WDP " No....pweese"
Me: "yes...please"

I finally pulled him out with the lie of "well stay on the grass" This picture is as close as I could get him to the truck.... He did let me put him down. he was glad to get a picture...not too sure he cared it was "autographed" But he was very timid about the whole thing....

As soon as we got in the car to go home he said "That cool mommy. Big trucks" And he held his pictures most of the night.... Successful outing????

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well, we did it. I did it. Woke up on Christmas day without William. Didn't think I'd make it, but I did. Done. let's move on. Surely 2011 will be better for me this year! I am keeping my resolutions simple- 1) I can only wear a pony tail 2 days a week to work 2) I didn't make 2 :-) just one, only one wear my hair down. I even told my students to hold me accountable- except for lab days- who wants to dissect a crayfish with hair down- not me!William was pretty sick the week after Christmas- He took/ is taking Omnicef and has horrible diarrhea. (This may be TMI for most of you, but it's bad- changed his pants 4 times Saturday bad). From other moms I've talked to this is pretty common for this antibiotic. Poor buddy. We have been playing inside with his new GeoTrax train set. I found a lightning McQueen to go on it to and he'll say "more racing"- his own little NASCAR. He also got a set or Cars movie cars and while the cars are , well, cars....he LOVES the box- it's like a racetrack ramp and he won't let me throw it away. He wants to play "Cars Movie" and he'll ride the cars around on the box. He told Mater the other day he'd have to go to time out for not listening. He is getting such a cute sense of imagination! I just love to listen to him when he's in his own little world:-) And finally he is into "racing" cars.... This means we both lay/ lie (can't remember) on the floor and roll cars super fast towards each other- if they crash uncontrollable laughter ensues. I love it. Here's to 2011!