Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So much has happened....

Oh, where to begin... At the doctor he weighed in at 22.2 lbs and was 30.5in. Avergae for weitgh, but off the chart for tallness.... I guess that's why I have to add 2in to his 12mo jon-jons.... I hope he stays tall and perhaps will be a professional athelete of some sort and buy his mom a house
:-) hahhahahaha :-) William has said his first word...if it's a word...."Uh-oh" He will look at you, drop something and then give a big "Uh-oh" it's so cute the first 1,000 times per day he does it

We went to the Main Street Festival- so fun, but 87degrees and I was so worried he would get sun burned. It was so hard to put sunscreen on him and the stuff i bought seemed so cakey and was hard to rub in...Neutrogena's new baby sunscreen....we won't be buying it again.... Anyway, any suggestions on a sunscreen you like for babies????
how crazy is this kid bull ride??? :-)
We also took in our first Nashville Sounds game. I learned that 45 minutes is all the baseball he can stand and then he squirms. We sat in the shade and had a great breeze, but he wanted to shake the chains behind us, chew Chad's buttons, crawl on the yucky floor...we did manage to snag a picture with ozzie, the world's coolest mascot...He is seriously funny. I want to get a one on one with WDP and Ozzie to blow up and put in his room...I guess we have all summer to work on that....

William also "graduated from swim class- I was so proud of him. The first class he was clingy and the teacher said by the end you want him to be able to get his face wet and be happy- mission accomplished! Chad was funny with all the moms- Yeah Chad for taking him for the last three weeks! He even kicked his legs and splashed his arms a little...watch out Michael Phelps!

Did I mention my way cool garage sale find???? A Cozy coupe for $8 and a little tikes slide for $5- Whhoo-whooo!!! He LOVES the car, as in, love, loves it! It's so funny to see him with his hands on the wheel just loving life. I think we'll be in this a bunch this summer!
By the end of the weekend..."No more pictures...please!"
Tired tiger....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

9mo old!!!!

Today is the 3/4 birthday!!! We'll celebrate with a trip to see good ol' Dr. Leeper for some "vacinations" they've told us not to call them shots.... I'm not sure why, but oh well- vacinations this afternoon followed by some sweet potatoes, advocado, etc...a yummy birthday dinner! Williamm loves sweet potatoes...see sidebar photo...you tell me- happy baby or sad baby in the picture.....

Chad finished the deck- finally! Well, we still need to pressure wash and seal, but for now it's just done. I love all the seating for company and the back of the bench was made so you can put all of your drinks and plates on it.... Want to come over for a cookout????

WDP used to not notice/ recognize Chad with his hat on and now he can't wait to see Daddy, take his hat off and try to put it on himself. I need to get him a small baseball cap. he's so funny that he'll crawl and the hat will cover his eyes and he bumps into things.... The video is a little long (37 sec) but worth the watch.... Oh and excuse the outfit...Chad thinks anything that has blue in it obviously "matches"...not true...silly husband!

I'll post tomorrow with stats from the doctor...my guess- 24lbs....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Boy

We ventured out into the sandbox for a little fun this weekend! William was not too sure about it at first and then decided he liked the sand between his toes....obviously a trip to the coast will be in order for the summer! We couldn't play too long....he decided the sand might taste good (back to his motto ...it must go in my mouth) so we played for a bit then went off to Shawn and Vanessa's for Vanessa's birthday party. Shawn has this yummy new treat hushpiggies....If you like pork, these are for you....they were a pregnant girl's dream come true...pork inside hushpuppy breading...then fried...oh I'm getting hungry now! he also has a yummy BBQ sauce. So delicous! It's always fun to see them, and even more of a treat when food is involved :-) Enough about food...lunch period is far away.....

I converted some of William's sleep gowns into sleep shorts ...he looks so big boy in them..... Can you believe Thursday is his 9mo birthday?????

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SB '09

Ok, so there's no airbrushed t-shirt or tan lines to speak of from Spring break 2009, but I do feel like we got a lot accomplished around the house. Biggest project: Operation Sandbox.
Ahhh, the sandbox. I love Chad- I mean, he's great...but what makes him a way cool husband is that he builds. I will have crazy ideas and he brings them to light. What a great feature for a husband to have! I had visions of a sandbox that would be similar to BellaRose's...but a little different. I love the toybox on the side of the sandbox. I love that it's big enough for a few kids to play in, but small enough to fit under our pop-up tailgating tent when it's super sunny and WDP needs some shade. I love that it took 1 ton..yes, 2000lbs, of sand to fill it up :-) Now we just need warm weather to dry out the sand...and viola- instant summer fun!

Operation SewFest. I sewed, and sewed, and sewed. Still didn't quite finish everything I wanted to, but got a lot of projects finished and cleaned out a lot of fabric. i still have a few more things to make...so don't fret if you don't see something for your little one...I ran out of liner fabric so I need to get some more before I continue sewing.... If you don't see something and you want something, just let me know- I will be happy to sew with all my fabric I currently have- I need to clean it out!!!! Email me...you know there are only so many jonjons baby William can have.... I will have to sew for others to clean all this stuff out! My new kid gift- a appliqued pillowcase with their name.... :-)

Operation Clean Porch... We cleaned off the porch, painted the floor, and organized a ton of stuff. Now when it rains our little NatureBoy can still go "outside". We still need to rescreen the porch...again, we need a nice day to do this. How cute do WDP and Chad look swinging on this cool glider that came from Chad's Grandmom's house...it has matching chairs too! Sweet!

Operation Playground. I wanted a play cube- crawly- thing for William. Chad was out walking him, saw one in a neighbor's yard that has "big" kids, so we went over, introduced ourselves, and asked to buy it...they gave it to us! Awesome...it just needed a good pressure washing- check; scrubbing with oxyclean- check; cute baby to crawl over it and enjoy it all summer long- check! perfect!

Operation Swingset. OK, so a swing"set" could be an overstatement, but I wanted a swing for William. Add a leftover 4x4 post from the new deck bench to an existing hammock post, a few brackets, eye bolts, and there you have it- a swing thing for the baby!

Last project: Operation Deck bench. We have needed to finish the deck since last spring....finally, we had an idea (meaning Chad had an idea) and we're trying to finish it up before we host a wedding shower in May. It's going to be awesome...including a flower box (taken from Sunday's sandbox idea) and a place to put your cups and plates at a party.... perfect! It's just not finished yet :-) Anyday now.....

Ahhh, I love feeling accomplished!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


William's new game...over and over and over.... I'm such a sucker- I love it every time!

please note the top teeth ...so cute!

and it starts again.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

We celebrated William's first easter with a trip to church, a ride on his new rocking horse and then a fun easter celebration at our friend's Melanie and Jay's. ... And it was a celebration. While we were there they got news that their house had sold! Congrats to them!!! Now the fun part of finding a new house. Keep your fingers crossed they will move close to us- Chad and I want to be their Brian and Debbie (neighborhood pals they always hang out with)...
Back to Easter- they had an Easter egg hunt- WDP wasn't sure what to do, but had fun just playing in the grass. He liked eating the plastic eggs- again the motto "must chew" applies here.

He loves his rocking horse...thanks to the Bunny and a little help from my mom and dad :-) Right now he wants to beat on it or just push it around....

Spring break was a success- we'll post pics later of the seing, play cube, sandbox, etc...very succesful! 6 more weeks of school them I'm "free" for the summer!!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring fever

I need it to be warm...like asap! So does baby William. This picture was yesterday...ahh 70 degrees, summy, warm, spring like! Today, (less than 24hr after i snapped this picture) Chad tried to take him outside for a walk...oh wait, it started to sleet- seriously? It's spring break! ugh... I had such big plans for spring break- mainly working in the yard...with a high of 40 tomorrow and rain almost everyday, I think SB'09 will be held indoors for me. I am cleaning the sewing room...and by room, I mean closet...out. I'm trying to use up all of the little pieces of fabric I've kept thinking "oh, I love this...I can use it for something"...well "something" will be made this week or it's byebye fabric. I have big plans people.... I did make Katie's tutus- LOVE them...hopefully Anna and Katie will too! Mine aren't quite so full, but I'm a boy mom- I shouldn't be a tutu perfectionist! And I've finished lots of 1/2 way started projects. I'll post one big SB '09 sewfest picture at the end of the week!
I should be embarrassed- this picture is terrible- they look better in person :-)
I tried to take WDP in for a Easter picture...he wasn't having any part of being in a photography studio. He cried, and cried and wouldn't let go of me- the weird guy working there didn't help........ brought him home, plopped him in the yard and viola! not too bad!
Speaking of crying, we went hard core "cry it out" Friday- Sunday. Friday was horrible, Saturday- not too bad and last night not a peep. Hopefully we are back on the sleeping track! Thanks to Sica for the wrds of encouragement!
Not too many tears here- I am frantically trying to find a few nice days for William to wear all of the great gifts he got when he was born- this is a 12mo and I'm telling him to suck it in when I snap it at the bottom- but the pirate- I love the pirate! Polly- you are #1!!!!!!!
please note fat roll- i love these...and if you kind of squeeze he will go into hysterical giggles!

And lastly- a little rainy day fun... ( I just read in a book that they are not to play in dishwashers)...I like to think he was helping, not "playing" so it was ok :-)
And our new motto at Chateau de Perry- "Must chew... anything..everything...I must chew!!!!"