Monday, June 30, 2008

I forgot....

How did I forget to post this yesterday??? It was the funniest thing that happened to me all week- don't get too excited, it's not that funny, but life is boring right now....

Chad and I sold my cute little convertible- the "pre-Honda Odyssey" as he called it. A sweet nursing student bought it- she'll be so cute driving it and a car seat won't fit in it, so we needed to get another old car for Chad to drive baby William to daycare in (I'll be picking him up and will be driving Chad's car) Confused? Me too. We also needed to keep a truck for Chad's contracting job because quite often he needs a truck to haul stuff around. My bright idea was to buy an extended cab truck. Baby William can ride in the back, Chad has something to move stuff around in, and surely I could drive an extended cab truck on the weekends when Chad takes his car and goes out of town to play music- The perfect solution to our problems. If you didn't know this would mean I'm going from driving a tiny little BMW convertible to an extended cab truck..... a bigger difference than you would imagine.

I decide to check out Craigslist- my new favorite place to "shop" or unload my own junk- it's actually how I sold my car:-) We found a truck, a Chevy something or other, it's just big. We test drove it, the guy was nice- it was his grandpa's, low miles, right price, etc. Chad drives it home and drives it all week- everything's fine....

Chad went to Atlanta to play music this weekend with his 70s and 80s band Stone Cold Fox/ White Leopard Crue/ Elecrtic Boogaloo (they have a lot of names). He takes the Matrix (better gas mileage on road trips) so I'm going to rock out in the truck. Let's just say it took me 4 times to attempt to park it at Vanderbilt because it's sooo long (see photo below). I had to go to the doctor and luckily the parking garage was closed for renovations so they had free valet parking. It's just sooo big. I'm going to have to go to a parking lot and learn how to park this land boat. Check it out parked next to an SUV at work.....

The best part is the neon blue bumper sticker on the back glass that just says "Jesus" in cursive. The front tag says "The Bull"- apparently that was the grandpas nickname and the guy we bought it from said it'd mean a lot if we could leave the tag on, so we are. baby William's new ride is the The Bull- the super long land boat that mom can't park....yet I may go practice this evening. :-)

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Please forgive me....I was really trying to do well at the whole blog thing and I've gotten slack, sorry!!!!
Here's us at our shower last weekend....

I've been busy this weekend. I made an outfit for my friend Rachel from Furman's girl Lucy and Mary Beck. I thought they turned out well- not too matchy matchy....

Making these made me want to make a bubble for baby William. It's a little girly I know, but come on, he'll only be tiny one time and I intend on dressing him like a baby. I love the giraffe fabric Mary Katherine got it for me- I've got enough for a winter and next spring outfit so you'll see it again.

I also don't like just diapers on babies(everyone says I'll get over it, we'll see...), well not on my baby so I decided I should make William some boxers. They have a little "fly" stitched on them, but you can't see it in the picture. These are just for lounging.

Everyone's told me I need tons of onsies. I just can't imaging him in something plain, so I'm appliquing them. It's soo easy. I had a pack of doggies, but only used one. I made the UGA(well kind of), dinosaur, and apple. Suggestions for other appliques? maybe a rocket ship???? turtle?? The hard part is drawing them..... They're really easy to do. maybe I'll post directions later :-)

Chad's also been super busy. I think he's nesting in his own way. He tore down our picket fence to expand the front yard and has put up a pretty cool patterned fence. It needs a month to dry out before he can paint it. Luckily William will be here by then and I'll be too busy to help :-) The old fence posts are still up- it looks like a big wheels stunt course in our yard :-)

Chad's also built another Murphy bed- we LOVE these!!! It's upstairs and just looks like a closet (he hasn't built doors over the mini storage compartment yet). It folds out super easy. Now we're just waiting on a guest... He had to take away a wall where lots of his music stuff went, but I think he's new music cubby is comparable to my sewing closet- no doors yet, but he's pretty efficient in the way he stores stuff don't you think??? All week he's be "arranging" his stuff to make it just right- I think he just likes to roll and reroll all of his cords and organize them.

So we have been busy, I've just been too busy/ lazy to post about it. I'll be better when William gets here which by the way is less than a month away!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well...we didn't win the house, but they did sell out of the tickets and raised 1.6 million dollars for St. Jude! Maybe next year we'll win :-) Our baby shower today was perfect. Chad's favorite gift was the Muppet Show season 2 DVD set. He's been watching it all know just making sure it's appropriate for William :-) I'll post some pictures tomorrow from the shower...I just wanted you to know we didn't win :-( so sad....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Keep your fingers crossed....

OK, Chad and I went to tour the St. Jude's Dream home last night. If you're not familiar with it, different cities will hold a raffle and give away a dream home for the small cost of a $100 ticket. Your odds are 1 in 16,000- not too bad. The plus side is that even if you don't win, St. Jude's Children's hospital in Memphis raises a lot of money for research. But this year, it would be too perfect if we won..... can't you see me living here????

It would have a sewing room for me, a music room for Chad, room for Baby William, a play room, a guest room- for you to come visit us- and a HUGE kitchen! Shouldn't we win? It'd make for great television- we're 8mo pregnant, we will have just had a baby shower, so we'll be dressed cute, we don't live too far from the house, so they'd call, we'd drive over- I mean if this isn't a story made for tv I don't know what is! There's even a baby 2 doors down, so William would have a little pal. Keep your fingers crossed we win:-) Believe me, I'll post about it if we do :-) The drawing is Sunday night at 8. Here are the details about the house:

Nashville Dream Home Information

469 Wire Grass Lane
Franklin, TN 37064

House features:

  • 3,800 total square feet
  • four bedrooms, three and one-half baths
  • features a bonus room, formal dining, study, family, and breakfast area
  • three-car garage
  • equipped with a number of environmentally friendly and energy efficient features
  • valued at approximately $650,000
  • built by Southern Land Company
See perfect for us right????? I'll let you know!!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A few pics for you....

baby William's new stationary that Rachel made for us- Love it!
My new stationary- love both of these two......
A preggers pic for you- how has my tummy gotten so large? I get asked all the time if I'm due any day. When i tell them July- they say "oh- you look ready to go any minute now" thanks a lot! My new comment may be "I'm due in Nov" just to really freak people out :-)
My friend Christian at Chad's show last Friday night. He loves the 80s!
Us at the shower. Why am I posting this pic- I look HUGE! Ugh!
A birthday outfit for Katie- you can't tell from the picture, but it has pink dots on the green and the copcake has green dots on the pink- super cute for a sweet 1 year old!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sorry, no pics!

OK, I can't find the time to do this at home and I can't seem to get my pictures to pull up on my work computer, so no pics today- sorry!  I know it's been forever since we've updated- there hasn't been much going on lately.  We're just laying low until Baby William gets here--around July 25.

Our good friends Jay and Melanie- aka Officer HotPants and MelMel hosted a baby shower for us Saturday.  Baby William racked up on the fun gifts.  Hopefully I can post some pics soon from the party.  It was fun just to hang out with friends and get advice from all of our already parent friends.  D and Karen brought their new baby Matthew- he could not be any sweeter- blond curly hair and dark blue eyes and he didn't cry- too cute!  Hopefully baby William will act like that :-)

Chad has been busy this week doing contractor things.  He was home this weekend and played at Mickey Roo's again.  It was soo crowded- even the pregnant wife of the guy in the band couldn't get a seat!  I spent most of the night outside with Christian and Keith.    I think they'll be back at the Roo's the first Saturday in August- not sure if I'll make it, but if so maybe I can have reserved seating :-)  If you're ever there they have possibly the best banana pudding from a restaurant  I've ever had- a pregnant girls' dream come true.....

Chad's building a new Murphy bed for the upstairs.  We're now obsessed with Murphy Beds- it gives you tons of room and storage- especially when you don't really use the bed that much.  We're trying to have it finished before Betsy...and probably Princess come up right after the baby gets here.  I'll get pics soon, promise!

Exciting news for me...I ordered the cutest stationary ever form my friend Rachel- well, I've never "met" Rachel but we're Blog buddies and facebook pals.  She has the coolest job where she makes custom stationary.  You email her some things you like and she makes a few proofs, you select and like magic they show up at your doorstep.  We ordered some for William (which match his nursery) Jen and Chad cards, and some cards for just me.  I'll definitely post these because they're too cute not too. I like having cute, creative cards, when I'm not the one having to be creative and make them.  I think she also does birth announcements, and all other kinds of invitations.   Check out her website....Potent Notables

Lastly, I have been attacked by some kind of bug.  I woke up Sunday night itching about 3 places on my belly and by Monday at noon I had about 20 bites on my belly and back.  I have been miserable!  I even called the doctor I was thinking I had mumps or measles or chicken's not, just lots of bug bites.  The strange part is that I have never been anywhere where a bug would get me without my shirt on...who knows!  I did get a high dose hydrocortisone cream that sort of seems to help.  I guess if this is my only pregnancy woe, it's not that bad......

Pictures soon I promise!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

sorry, no news....

I know, I know, we need a new post- I was doing so well with the blog and now I've stopped. Seriously, we haven't been up to much- hence no reason to blog. No pics- sorry. We do have a fun baby shower this weekend with our friends Jay and Melanie- I'll post after that, promise :-)