Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello Sunshine

We had such a great weather weekend here in TN. We tried to go outside with William as much as we could. He was diagnosed with Strep on Friday (which apparently is rare if you're under 5- who knew?) but with some meds in him we were off to the parks Sat afternoon and Sunday morning. He is loving any and every slide, swings, and if there's a tunnel that leads to a slide- BONUS! I know this is a lot of pictures, but I just couldn't choose which were my favorites.

We live in a cul de sac that's on a very slight incline- perfect for riding in your wagon like a race car! When he jumps out and walks back up to the top of the cul de sac he is just so proud of himself- you can almost see it in his walk :-)

Slide time!

Swinging at the park. I love the little bird face he makes when he's super excited!

William is doing so much better at school. Very rarely are there any tears at drop-off and he's happy most of the day- yeah! I think we're all adjusting well to his new schedule. As for me, this is our first 5 day work week since Christmas break- we've had "so much" snow. Blah five day work weeks- when's spring break?????
William and Daddy both giving the sign for "Play"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

we heart trains

William is all about the "choo-choo" Today he wanted to line up all of his little trucks and push them like they were a choo-choo. He even makes little noises when he's playing with them... like driving car noises. It's so funny. Tonight he hopped on the Clifford toy (he has to ride it with the ears standing striaght up, we're not sure why), and put his dump truck in front of it to make a train. I think I'm seeing a pattern here and wish we would've gotten him a train instead of a Count von Count doll for Valentine's day.

On another note Chad loves Rick Springfield, like loves him...and all the obscure songs, not just Jessie's Girl. He got to go to a Rick Springfield sound check tonight with a guy he's met in town who comes out to see Chad play. I was hanging out with my little train-loving baby and Chad was standing back stage with Rick hanging out...very cool for him. A childhood dream come true.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Is he not the cutest?

William is becoming funnier and funnier- I know I'm biased, but look at him... He cracks himself up in the mirror, he'll laugh at funny things on Sesame Street, he wants to say "tunnel" and move things between his legs (cars, stuffed animals, etc). It's just fun to see his little personality coming out.

We went to a birthday party yesterday a Winter Wonderland party for sweet Gabriel. Check out the decorations- Melanie does the best parties... little Gs and 3s with blue icing, there was a snowman cookie decorating station, a "wrap an adult as a snowman" activity game, cupcakes, taco soup, etc, etc, etc...

He did play with trucks too, not just dolls!

It was the first time William's wanted to leave our sides and go off and play...not with the big kids, but in the kid's rooms with their toys. Check out Jenna's dollhouse. Lucky. I soo would've wanted this dollhouse. I know he needs a haircut. I'm working on that this week- we almost need to pull it back its getting so long :-)

He has his first class party this week. I made these stuffed hearts for the kids in his class- they were harder than they look! Thank goodness there are only 6 kids! We also have the PERFECT valentine's. I found my new favorite blog... BunnyCakes. Most of her files are free pdfs, I bought the elephant cards personalized from her etsy shop for $3.75 (bargain!). I just l-o-v-e them. He loves elephants and tunnels- elephants were easier to incorporate into a card than a tunnel :-) Check out the blog- it is awesome!!!!

Ok, I am trying not to put a ton of sewing stuff on this blog, but to keep most of it on my sewing blog (which is doing so well thanks to great people like you who pass my info on! I can't believe how busy I've been :-)...anyway, I just can't resist posting this. I LOVE this new bunny applique- it's just too sweet. I can't wait to make William a little tee shirt with it closer to Easter :-)