Friday, July 25, 2008

Hello World!

Well, my fake nesting and welcoming words must have worked because William is here! He was born July 23, 2008 a hefty 8 lbs 6 3/4 oz and a whopping 22inches long!

We went to the hospital Tuesday night, fully expecting to be told we should go back home, but we were admitted and William was born the next day at 12:52 pm. I loved having an epidural!!!!!!!!!!! The most painful part of the whole process was the nurse who missed my IV three times...and used the wrong gauge needle, and she missed drawing blood. Chad and I have determined that shift change is a bad time to need ANYTHING at the hospital! My second nurse and everyone after that was great! He even waited so that my doctor could be there to deliver him- Dr. Storck- the perfect name for a great OB.

His hair is a riot- everyone at Baptist Hospital where we delivered kept calling him the "rocker baby." Not to brag, but it is pretty cute. It looks like he has had it styled and the tips frosted- a real Music City baby.

Right now all he wants to do is be swaddled and held. He freaks out when you take it off, but wrap him up and he falls asleep or is content just lying there. It's nice, but it's really hard to type one handed. We are going to go for a little stroll today and check out the neighborhood...of course I'll post more pics soon :-)

Our trio is complete.


sunday said...

your trio is complete indeed!!! i am so proud of you. i think it is SO appropriate that you have a rocker baby. I just cannot wait to hear more stories. Epidurals are the most amazing thing ever. In fact I wish i had one right now :)

Callie said...

Welcome Baby!!!

Courtney said...

Your post just made me cry, am I emotional or what?! Anyway, have fun on your stroll - and it's not too hot today! Jenny and I watched him for like... 30 min last night, he was next to some cutie with a pink bow - already making girlfriends :) Then they took him to the weigher or whatever it was and he totally waved at me! haha.

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Oh I just love him!! could he be any sweeter.

Yes epidural's are amazing, I give props to women who dont use them but me...I am not scared! Sorry you got stuck so much.

Yeahhhhhh William is here!!!

Rachael M. said...

Awww...what a cutie! Congratulations! I know Auntie Callie is VERY excited :-D

sunday said...

i love that picture where he is getting weighed and chad is giving the thumbs up. that is awesome.

The Life of Frank Finnatra said...

i am so glad that i got to meet little william...he is precious...just like his mommy! can't wait to snuggle with the little nugget....oh he is so cute.

Orange Julius Jackson said...

Tell Little William that OJJ says, "Welcome to the world little funkateer!"