Monday, July 28, 2008

Five days old

I can't believe he's already 5 days old!!!! I'm afraid he's hair is going flat...just in the sad! Chad's at work today and it's just me and Baby. He is such a sweetie! I think his new favorite game is "I will poop as soon as you change my diaper" He does it all the time and I'm positive he smiles as I put close the diaper only to realize I need to change him again. It's kind of comical. He tee-teed on me the first night and Chad last night. Chad's response was "Help, help" I think it shocked him :-)

We've been taking the family walk every night- he loves it. He's also stretching a good bit and is now a little more comfortable in his swing or bouncy seat, but of course his favorite is still to be with one of us :-)
What a horrid shot of me, but he's sweet in the stroller!

Last night Chad was holding him and whenever he would move his arm William would stick his face in the darkest spot possible- his elbow! His whole face was crammed in the bend of Chad's arm- of course I thought it was sweet.

Give me the elbow!!!

He had another visitor- Ashley. We will be working together next year. Aren't they cute together. He had his eyes open almost the whole time she held him- such a big boy! Ashley brought us a yummy dinner, ginger rice and kabobs- I'll have to get the recipe and post it- it was delicious.
OK, his eyes were closed in this pic, but open the rest of the time!

My dad and Betsy are coming tonight until Sunday- we're so excited! Five much has changed already. I need time to slow down!!!!


sunday said...

it is amazing how fast time flies. soak it all in! you are so inspiring. you are so positive and so beautiful. thank you for such wonderful posts!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Time only goes faster.....Its so sad but SO fun!

Yes thank you for pictures its so wonderful and thoughtful of you!!!

I Love him!

Rachael M. said...

So CUTE!!!!!!!

I think you look great and NOT horrible. I'm so jealous - there will be no family walks with baby when Baby Muldrow arrives in the dead of winter :-( Unless we become Mall Walkers! And I think they generally don't want you taking your newborn to places that breed pestilence, like malls. LOL

sasha said...

its crazy how quickly they change, i look at william and think thats how eli and cope used to long ago-now i am lucky if they sit with me for two and betsy are sooooo excited to be coming to see ya'll and i am jealous, but hopefully i will see him before he gets too big! i sent the videos along with a little gift for you...i mean william :-) its not a "baby" gift...its a little playtime investment for later or you and chad could make it entertaining now!

MJG said...

You're amazing. His hair is awesome- my brother puts his daughter's hair in a faux-hawk all the time and she's only 6 months old. It's never to early to start on William!
Has he had his first Cheerwine slush yet?

vern said...

we are so excited for you. i love reading about the early days at home (while it has only been 10 months w since bailey joined us, it is amazing how quickly you forget some of the little things). we are continuing to pray for all of you.